Hobby Progress 2020

So, a new year and a new plate of stuff to clear off the hobby table…
My hope is that those amongst us that do hobby/paint (don’t care about game system) try to encourage each other to clear our backlog to some degree.

Some small committment from each of us, that we will try to get stuff done.

At the end of the year, I’ll dish out a reward or two as well :slightly_smiling_face:

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So, I’m going to start with my 40K stack of shame.

From the bottom;

  1. Imperial Knight Warden
  2. Land Raider Crusader
  3. Repulsor Executioner
  4. Primaris Intercessors
  5. Scouts with Sniper Rifles
  6. Primaris Aggressors
  7. Primaris Reivers
  8. Invictus Warsuit
  9. Primaris Chaplain

33 models in total.

Sprues to the right contain;

  1. Phobos Captain
  2. 2 X Inceptors + 3 in progress.
  3. 7 X Hellblasters
  4. Primaris Captain in Gravis armour.

That’s just the Warhammer 40,000 stuff… Nevermind the 9 Necromunda gangs, 3 fleets for Dropfleet Commander, and ~80 models for Nemesis.


I would love to say i would join in on this but there is no way im gunna be able to get any painting done. Cant even get to my models to take a picture of them all until i clean out the loft.

When i do, ill take a pic of all the stuff i still have to make and paint.


There is zero pressure in this at all!
If you want to join in, then absolutely do. Do it at your own pace too. :slight_smile:

I’m only throwing this up here to see if it helps to spur us on a bit :slight_smile:

@spoonlamp @vredesbyrd @Kate You guys in?

Anyone else care to partake at all?

I’ll get the outstanding photos up later today as well (Necromunda and the rest).

Then it’s on to some kind of plan for the year. I’ll probably set something out for myself quarterly, rather than monthly.


Go on then!

I’ll sort pictures out later today/tomorrow when Kate’s got a chance to help me, I might get her to post up as well because she has a decent shame pile too!


Do! The more the merrier! :slight_smile:

It’s just about helping each other make a dent in our backlog :slight_smile:


Ok, I’m up for this one. I have the paints ready just need to assemble them.


Here are my other piles of shame :grimacing:
You can add another gang of both Escher and Van Saar to the boxed ones as I doubled up on them.

Nemesis boxes.

Dropfleet Commander.

AND! I still have Rise of the Kage as well…


Oh my buddha…

What have you done???!!!

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The best I can! :smiley:

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Thank god I never started to do this type of stuff… I would not have the patience for it anyway.

We’re going to do the pictures tonight. I’m already nervous because I’ve spotted a massive box of stuff to be painted I’d forgotten about and then remembered all the OOP Necrons I bought and never got around to…


Oh fuck yeah, do it!

OOP Necrons? Colour me intrigued! Pariahs by any chance? Perhaps some of the original Flayed Ones?

Looking forward to seeing what you got.

Weird story, I was about to post some google images of the OOP ones I mean and I stumbled across my old DakkaDakka account with pics of the eBay lot I got…in 2011…

The OOP ones I mean are these bad boys:

Left to right:

  • Bases I made for my 'crons
  • Random Fantasy Orcs and Skaven
  • Three rows of oop warriors
  • One row of oop immortals
  • Four rows of oop warriors
  • One row of lords and two warriors painted in my scheme
  • Top two rows of destroyers
  • Bottom few rows of scarabs

Along with a box of immortal weapons and @Kate 's box of Harlequins.

And this is just the Necron OOP stuff. Providing I can find it all, I should have about 20-40 second release warriors, 10-15 second release destroyers, 3 second release heavy destroyers, a monolith (I had three in boxes so I donated one to my cousin’s mate and one to a kid in school who were both just starting up 'cron armies and were short of big units), god knows how many second release scarabs, a Nightbringer, a Deceiver and some scattered immortals/flayed ones/pariahs/tomb spyders/lords/destroyer lords…

I don’t know if I was preparing for an apocalypse game or something, but my built and painted army already comes to over 2000pts under 6th ed.


So I’ve just started setting up for pictures and I’m going to have to do this in two lots at least.

Currently I’ve got the table almost filled with just the 3D printed stuff I need to paint and the 40k (with some scattered Fantasy and three Total Annihilation minis) stuff and that is with half my necron stuff missing. I remember a cardboard box having a lot of it in that I can’t seem to find, I’ll have to pop to my dads and look.

The second sitting might just be enough for three Dust Tactics starter armies, two lots of Arcadia Quest, Fire Team Zero and Zombiecide.


Funny, I’d always figured Necrons to be more into the functional programming paradigm. They have that old-school thing going. You learn something new every day!


Turns out they were coded in Java all along and them going to sleep for millenia was a bug.


The worst timed garbage collection in galactic memory :grin:

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Gone back to my last Muhreen scheme and made some changes based around what I didn’t like about the test models and come up with these two:


Preferring the second one atm.

Hopes no one notices this is just my Necron scheme on a Muhreen

Also looking at going with the sepia over white for the fleshy bits on my nids and then using the silver and contrast Kate is going to use for her Rubrics for the carapace. Jury is still out on the Tau, but I’ll probably go with a scheme I saw on Imgur, the legend that painted it went to the trouble of sending me the guide!


Photos! Personally, I demand photos!

Scheme looks nice though!
Here’s a few more to choose from! :smiley:

My camera is fucked but Kate is going to snap the first pic tonight then I’ll sort the other half out for pics tomorrow!