Holy fuck!


I remember cleaning the lint off the rollers of these fuckers back in the 90s



We were still using them at work in 2010 as they wouldn’t upgrade to USB ones as they still worked ok


If kids saw them now, they’d probably think they were fidget spinners inside for when you were bored at work…


We used to take the balls out and throw them at each other


A punishment at my high school for computer related mischief was to clean ball mice and the old chunky cap keyboards.




They are heavy bastards, aren’t they? :face_with_head_bandage:


Still remember cleaning the bastards.


Some one make have smashed a window with one


2nd best thing to do with these was to quickly remove the ball from class mates near you while they weren’t looking… Have them unplug and plug the mouse in multiple times before noticing… priceless.


not exclusive to ball-mice, but swapping the mice cable on the back of two back to back desk’s PCs when their users are on a smoke break is also a good one. bonus points if you do the keyboards and they manage to lock themselves out of each others accounts trying to unlock their desktops. Works best in a professional environment.


There is also more fun to be had swapping round the wireless dongles for keyboards and mice and waiting for the fun to start all of this is best enjoyed in a professional environment.

Removing someones mouse ball was always fun but did you know that fun can be had with very careful cutting and placing of bits of tape over fingerprint sensors on some laptops and putting tape over the sensor on optical mice?


We did the mouse swap and tricked my friend into believing his monitor was touch screen when it was really my mate sitting beside him using his mouse.


We put a second mouse dongle on the inside of a collegue’s PC and during Counter Strike matches I would gentle twitch his aim every now and again. Weeks of fun.


I’m loving how this has turned into the computer mischief thread :smiley:

Another popular one, here in the office, is to swap the video cables around on multi screen setups and laugh if the victim does not know how to correct it in software.


My new one is setting people’s passwords to “ilovebossname” or if people walk away from their computers and don’t lock it they get a new background normally of another employee


Swapping multiple computers mice and keyboards around (3 machines together if possible) usually gave a few giggles in uni :slight_smile:


Back in the Windows NT days (remember that!) Escape used to unlock locked machines. When we found this out we would unlock a certain persons computer and then hide all his files or rename them. I was a bit of a cunt back in college at times.


Taking a screenshot of the desktop, opening it in windows picture viewer, full screening it and then pressing space to lock it on that image.

“My PC has crashed…”


Only then? :wink: