Holy fuck!


A more fun variant of the screenshot of the desktop one is to flip the screen (easy using keyboard shorcuts on machines with built in intel graphics) upside down and hide the start bar at the top of the screen.

They’ll be clicking things for AGES but you need to be sure they don’t understand what any keyboard shortcuts do!

I had a screensaver that used to detect the OS and then when it kicked in it’d run a realistic loop of an the OS loading and then it’d BSOD and loop again after a while and the only way to dismiss it was the esc key, mouse movement didn’t work. That was pretty amusing!


Made an application that would randomly swap your right and left mouse buttons. Set that up to launch at startup. Fucking fantastic.


Doesn’t work anymore on modern OS’ but I found a trolly mouse app that dramatically increased the mouse speed and acceleration to the point where you couldn’t get the mouse cursor to hover over anything you were aiming for!

To add to the troll factor the application itself had a button on it that said “kill me” and was pretty big but you couldn’t hit that button unless you knew the trick to getting rid of it…

The trick was to move the mouse VERY slowly so the inertia etc. wouldn’t increase too much to give you a chance to hit the kill button :rofl:


You know what I miss? Degaussing my CRT.


Also channeling static electricity through ones body, by touching a nice dusty screen, and then going to touch someones ear and wait for the spark…

…or was I the only one who would do that at school? :rofl:


Didn’t have pupil computers when I went to school!


Was it chalk and slate back then pants? :smiley:


Ahh remember changing the chalk on neigbours slate for a different colour and painting it white. The confusion when they wrote something in pink!! Lol