Holy speed Batman!

Last night I was wondering if it were possible to get a faster upload speed… Avg around 7-10Mbps. This was the moment I noticed that Virgin Media’s VIVID 350 is available for me now, currently on VIVID 200 getting around 220Mbps download and 8Mbps Upload.

Contacted VM today about this… £5 extra per month. BOOOM!


theses speeds are pure joy mate!

That’ll help with plex streaming from your home to mobile devices, if you do that :slight_smile:

out of curiosity, what do you get on your phone? My BT connection is about 70Mbps down, but still 16Mbps up, but my phone can manage 20Mbps up. It’s not too practical for anything because im bad enough at leaving it plugged in to charge.

I shall get back to you soon … Currently uploading a video to YouTube via PC… Task manager is showing 22.2Mbps which is awesome.

Oh missed this bit… One of the main reasons I got the Nvidia Shield was to use as a Plex Media Server! It’s capable of hardware accelerated transcodes with the 256-core Maxwell GPU chip. (But more on that in my other thread soon)

yeah, and it also supports HDR output i think which a lot of the other cheaper xbmc/plex capable devices don’t.

It seems my WiFi download speeds are a bit all over the place atm…