Homeworld 3


I am all over this shizzle!

Sure, they’re eyeballing Q4 2022, but I am still gonna be drooling all over this.


I still have to finish the remastered ed but yeah great news.

Deserts of Kharak, the prequel made by these guys, was a really good, elegant RTS. The SP campaign was really well made, had a great understanding of the storyline so well done that it wove right into the orignial perfectly.

I am somewhat curious how they will address some of Homeworld 2’s retcon - esque story beats that undid a lot of the themes from the first game.

By the way, if you have not, please finish the first game and deserts of Kharak. Some of the best sci fi made is in this franchise, stuff that the Battlestar Galactica remake ripped off quite unceremoniously.


I remembered Deserts of Kharak when you mentioned it. There is an insanely cheap bundle right now for Homeworld Remastered Ed and Deserts of Kharak on steam. Just bought the 2nd one as I already own Homeworld Rem. Ed. .

Didn’t wanna buy Kharak when it was released and wanted to wait for a better price, now seemed like a good idea :smiley: .

Since I already have the Remastered editions, Deserts of Kharak is only €5, so that’s a no-brainer for me!


We think alike it seems :slight_smile: