Horizon Zero Dawn is a HDR Showcase


So I started the Horizon: Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds expansion today… I forgot how damn beautiful the game Is!!

I then continued into the new expansion area… Found this really cool paint pool, I guess it’s a dyes thing.

Out of curiousity I went into the settings to toggle HDR off…

Instantly I can’t believe how flat and lifeless it looks.


Between this, the sequel to The Last of Us, and the remake of Crash Bandicoot, veeery tempted to get a ps4!

Certainly looks great though! Nice screenshots!


With God of War and Spiderman also coming next year. It’s a great time to have a PS4.


Gah, I really loved this game. Played the entire thing through, which is rare enough for me, but more than that my memories of it are very fond.

The look and the feel of playing it, the sound and music (that theme is a fucking beautiful reflection of the tender melancholy that is infused through the game’s plot), the really nicely interleaved elements of ‘exploring the past’ with affectingly written text logs scattered around.

The moment when I realised the vantage points had text documents attached to the audio logs, telling a story that had me quiet for a while afterwards. Genuinely touching.

It’s too rare to play a game and find afterwards that you still have powerful memories from it. Horizon managed that, for me. Lovely, lovely game.


So this is apparently getting a boardgame made!