How Jester plays and chats on Ts


It’s been mentioned that lefty Jes needs to move his team speak button to his mouse… Who agrees?



I don’t know what you are talking about @Angelclaws


Maybe he’s just doing a really slow Macarena dance :slight_smile:


Whatever that key is. Bind it you your pinky button on the mouse!


da faq?!!? :mage: :mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage::mage:

i had a message saying i need 20 characters so there is 20 mages






Look, I’m left handed and used to play with cursor keys… so right Ctrl makes sense. Then I grew up and used WASD. But the habit of right ctrl stuck - It’s a reaction thing.

The fact that I managed to still say where the enemy are, whilst in a firefight means it somehow actually works… :laughing:

I don’t usually use my left hand to press it lol.


Very true :slight_smile:

I’m also left handed yet never had that layout. Well whatever works man :wink:


That explains the pizza cutting @Xander


I use a mouse thumb button. Cos i r n00b and got no ninja sk1llz, y0!11!!


am a leftie i plus with the cursors everything is on the dpad
an my mouse is directly below my right hand
so that my index finger is nudging against my right wrist :confused:


Please never ever let this die


Anything that potentially slows Jester down from sniping me is fine by me