HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed pits up to 4 of your friends against relentless waves of enemies in a CO-OP experience. As the enemy become stronger, can you handle the pressure of each wave? Work as a team to build your defenses and expand your base. Increase your chances of survival by gathering Batteries and maintain power to your defenses.

Steam page.

Warning: Annoying youtuber voices

Kate and I have picked this up and for the price its good fun. The graphics are brilliant and really make me feel I’m playing the Small Soldiers movie!

It plays like Army Men meets Sanctum.

Playing some tonight if any one wants to Steam-stream it.


Limited content right now and very easy even up to hard difficulty (Haven’t tried Insane yet) with three or more players but still fun for the monies.

Needs more variation, could do with proper ‘boss’ and mini boss enemies, right now the bosses are the choppers, plane, tanks and jeeps. Could also do with enemies that focus on the player to keep you on your toes like nemesis characters or ninjas or just something to keep you from getting comfortable up on a box slinging grenades or sniping. They could really - granted carefully - capitalise on the classic toys theme by having bit robots like Voltron or AT-ATs or Zoids or Godzilla, etc.

The objective of the game is to survive 12 waves of enemies and protect your ‘core’ using traps, turrets and your primary/secondary weapons. Each wave has a build phase for building defences and then the attack phase. If you die during a round you have to wait until the following round to play again.

There are four distinct waves of enemies:

  • Action figures - Couple of colour variations that either have more health, do more damage or get enraged and sprint at the core.
  • Action figures and boglins - Zombie-like action figures that will run at you if you’re close and explode or beat on you. Backed up by boglins that explode on contact or death. The boglins are useful because they leave a snail trail behind them that shows you the enemy pathing to some extent.
  • Beyblades - Three varieties that have varying health or speed with some having a shield. Spawn from spawn zones and drop down from shelves.
  • Army men - Variations of colour based on their difficulty (green, blue, red, beige, black), there are soldiers, tanks, jeeps, helicopters and a jet. They don’t just spawn in spawn areas either, dropping in from shelving units around you at your flanks.

Enemies drop batteries and blister packs that give you credits to spend during the build phase. Blist packs are shared amongst all players. One thing to be aware of is that there is a level boundary you can’t cross but the enemies spawn outside of this and can be killed there, dropping items that you then won’t be able to get to annoyingly.

Levels are split in to coloured zones (up to four depending on the level) which have grids where you build turrets and traps. Each zone is powered by its own station you have to keep charged using duracel batteries that drop from enemies or spawn at the end of a round. The more stuff that uses power you have in a zone or the higher the level of the turret/trap the quicker the power drains.

Four levels currently - more to come with the next (currently delayed) update):

  • Isle 1 - Linear single enemy spawn level with three colour zones
  • Isle 2 - Spawns on either end of the isle with four colour zones
  • Isle 3 - Based on the corner of two isle, an l-shaped level with three spawns and four colour zones
  • Grandparents Attic - Very small level with two spawns and two colour zones

A handful of new levels are on their way in the next update. It would be nice to see the classics like a sandpit, garden, other rooms in a house, other areas of the toy store (warehouse/staff room/etc),


  • Defense Corps - G.I. Joes
  • P.R.I.M.A.L. - Dino G.I. Joes
  • WRAITHS - Knights

Each has a few head and skin options with more to come in the upcomming (currently delayed) patch which you’ll unlock, adding a small bit of progression to the game they’ll hopefully expand on. The characters and skins are very similar to the above mentioned classic toys and it would be nice to see them lend from more classic toys for more variations of characters and skins, stuff like Transformers or Actionman, etc.

You can chose a primary and secondary from the following options:

  • Rifle - Less powerful Machine gun with smaller magazine
  • Machine gun - More powerful Rifle with larger magazine
  • Shotgun - Not that useful, low damage output makes getting up close a risk
  • Laser - Pretty good against most things, especially Beyblades
  • Grenade launcher - My default weapon. Slow but lays down the hurt. Smashes tanks (and choppers if you’re a good enough aim!)

New weapon attachements including in-level pickups to come, also a Sniper rifle confirmed for the next update. Really needs a melee button and a melee weapon option in general - how they haven’t decided to have a Heman character with big fuck off axes…I don’t know. SORT IT DEVS!

You can take 3 traps/turrets in your loadout that are presented as cards, with varying abilities with all of them being upgradeable to ‘level 3’ which changes their health or damage output. There are currently:

  • Heavy machine gun turret - Bread and butter turret. Level 3 sucks down the power but it really hits hard.
  • Rocket turret - Takes a lot of power up, but one or two in among machine gun turrets work well.
  • Pulse tower - Randomly pulses…pretty pointless
  • Spiked floor trap - Less effective Fire floor trap
  • Fire floor trap - If you channel enemies through rows of these they are really effective. Bread and butter trap.
  • Goo floor trap - Supposed to slow, really quite useless because of the cose
  • Vine floor trap - Slows and does damage, not bad
  • Explosive mine - Just a mine, cheapest option, not amazing really
  • Turbine turret - Supposed to push back and slow enemies, is a bit shit.
  • Search light - Spots enemies and buffs nearby turret damage on them
  • Anti-air turret - Haven’t used it yet, not enough air craft to feel like its worth
  • Healing turret - Heals one player at a time within range
  • Bunker - Lego brick square that blocks a path, is stackable and you can stand in it as a fortification

The devs could stand to take some inspiration from Orcs Must Die and Sanctum, having each level of turrent/trap upgrade have a different mesh that changes how badass it looks with each level. Some of them do but there isn’t enough of a differences even for those.

Kate, Toon, Rogue and I have this currently and work permitting we’ll be on it in the week if anyone fancies picking it up.