Hypothetical system build


Bookmarked - thanks for the extensive reply.

From the tinkering I’ve done over the years, hearing stuff from you guys and reading around I’ve read about the differences in construction that you can get over the production life of a PSU and how the internals can differ from one unit to the next in everything from manufacturer to overall quality.

The standard I used to use was to see who Seasonic were manufacturing for and then just pay attention to the Gold/Platinum ones from there - I then heard when I bought my current one that Seasonic were doing less 3rd party manufacturing and a newer less known chinese firm had cut in to the market share and their quality control was spotty.

I know I want a semi-modular 700w+ PSU so when it comes time to order I’ll check the list you’ve linked.

Thanks mate!


The general consensus with Intel vs AMD at the moment is that a top end Intel will outperform an AMD in single core applications due to raw clock speed, and therefore, give better performance in games. However, the difference say, between a 8700K and a 2700X is only about 10% - but there is about £100 difference between the two.

However, if you OC the 8700K to 5Ghz, it absolutely pisses on everything. But then you’d need a cooler in the £100-150 range. If you did that, you could start getting close to the price of entry level Threadrippers I believe.

Ryzen will out perform Intel on absolutely everything else - especially productivity stuff that can utilise all the cores.

I think it puts you in a good position - where you actually can’t go wrong. Both chips are good, and they each have slight advantages and disadvantages - but I don’t think you can make a mistake with going for either brand.


Also, go look at a 2560x1440 monitor. You’ll want one.


Yeah, get a new monitor. whether you go for resolution, refresh rate (which i think you’ve said is your preference in the past), aspect ratio, curvature, or sheer size, get a new display and then check appropriate benchmarks for hardware running things at it’s resolution. Or get VR. Or both.

Try various fans; every case, person, ear, PC position, and room etc combination is different, and for all their rep and reliability I’ve never found a Noctua fan i couldn’t replace with a more suitable fan. Except this shitty 92mm one.

From what you’ve said, don’t bother overclocking. That’s not a longevity game, and the gains you get will be wiped out by subsequent generations long before you look at upgrading. Maybe try it as a hobby or if you’re really into it, but if you’re doing it to get the level of performance you’re aiming for then you’ve got the wrong hardware, aim to buy something that does what you want. If you do that effectively you’ll never even notice the difference if you do overclock. That’s what happened with me on the 5820k; it overclocks great, it just doesn’t make an appreciable difference to anything.

Both Intel and AMD are switching from current 14nm and 12nm to 10nm and 7nm nodes in the next year (according to them, whether that results in consumer products you can buy who knows), so nothing that applies now necessarily has any relevance 12 months from now. You’ll be looking at new chipsets, boards, CPUs and possibly ram; there’s that intel favourite tactic of supporting new types of RAM on their top end chipset while supporting current/previous generation on whatever sits below it in their lineup. All you can do for now really is look at price points, and they’re likely to change.

You could upgrade your monitor now and go 4K, then you’ll really start to feel the pressure to upgrade and the other decisions will get a lot easier to make :smiley:


So, after some thinking I’m now switched on to the idea of a new monitor but totally switched off the 2000 series cards. I’m going to go hunting for a 1080ti providing the pricing isn’t insane - I’ll also keep an eye on what AMD release next year.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to keep my current FT02 case because I love it so much, instead giving it a bit of TLC to get rid of the dust and replace the ageing fans that are getting really loud now the bearings are wearing. I’m going to buy a cheapo case for the guts of my current rig to go in to, something small so I can connect it up to the TV downstairs.

I’m set on getting an intel chip, but I will make that decision next year when the next Intel offer is out - if the new offer isn’t anything special, I’ll check on what a 9900x system sets me back compared to an 8700k system and go with which ever one would be the best bang for buck at that point.

Starting in January, I’ll probably start picking up bits and pieces like Jes suggested starting with the drives, probably the cooler, maybe even get the new case for my current build and get the FT02 sorted and ready for when the build comes.

I’m going to get myself down to Scan hopefully over the holidays and have a look at some of their display models and see how I like them. Really, I don’t want anything insane since I don’t really care about 4k, so I’d be more than happy going 1440p/144hz/GSync.