Hypothetical system build


Well actually a lot of these could be done via browser.


Are these different to Spectre and Spoiler? Got an example of one? I love reading about security stuff (even if I don’t fully understand the nuts and bolts of the deeper stuff).

I had great fun reading and following the news about Duqu, Stuxnet and FLAME.


No not different. The spectre ones could be done via a website using java. We will see what attack vectors they find for spoiler.


Oh right, I’m behind with the Spectre news then!

The last article I read had the researchers doing a ‘super cooling attack’ where they’d have to have physical access to the machine.

The scariest bit about all this is that by the time we find out about some of these huge holes, they’ve already been exploited in the wild for years!


Yep that is the scaries thing alright and there is nothing a user can do about this stuff.


which begs the question, why all the panic mongering branding?


?? I don’t understand that sentence


I think you should just get a barebones system… like this:


Your hypothetical system looks an awful lot like my intel based system I built at the end of last year!

The intel CPU’s don’t actually care too much about RAM Mhz its the LATENCY that they care about which is the RAS, CAS timings etc. Ryzen on the other hand wants as fast as possible in terms of MHz for the best performance due to differences in how the RAM speed affects the core to core interconnects in Ryzen IIRC.

So a really low latency 3000Mhz RAM kit can have the same performance as a looser timed 3200Mhz RAM kit…I may have read a bit too much into this when building mine!

The 8700K is still a gaming beast and now the 9000 series have come out they’ll be a bit cheaper.