I believe this is game changing in the world of web development

Blazor Webassembly has been properly released recently. Been in experimental for quite a while.

The shift from javascript to a proper client sided language is fantastic.

Also, recently found Tailwind CSS. Never been a fan of the CSS frameworks such a bootstrap, so this is rather nice. Good crash course video from a very easy to follow chap. I will subscribe.


I make a point of order to stay as far away from web development as is possible without actually becoming a hermit.

That said, any move to abandon Javascript is a spectacularly good move.

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Shame you have to sign your soul over to the devil and use C#.

What’s wrong with C# - I mean, use a corporate product or forever plug the security holes in PHP or Django? Just because its open source? I know what I’d rather use. Sadly, I don’t know C#. Wish I did.

From what I’ve seen on WebAssembly, It rewrites the rules… rules that have been in long need of an update. No, not an update - that’s the problem (especially with JS). Completely rubbing out and starting again.