I got stupider reading this

Mother of god, this is painful.

Right click > view image or drag in to a new tab to read.




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Fuck me.

It’s almost hard to believe that level of stupid.

Actually, I can. When I was at secondary school - year 6 if I remember correctly - we had an amazing Maths teacher. I was pretty good at Maths at that point and really enjoyed what we were learning. Then she went on a long term teacher exchange with another teacher from the US of A. She was shit. We spent literally every lesson talking about America and her showing us pictures of all the amazing places that she’d been around the world… I don’t mean 1 lesson was like that, I mean every lesson.

Obviously, as kids - you don’t care if your teacher is talking about cool stuff, you’re unaware anything is wrong. Until you get to Upper school (3 tier system in Bedfordshire) and you’re not put in the top set because there are gaps in stuff that you should have been taught…

If my experience is any reflection on US teaching standards, the above post from Vred really comes as no surprise what-so-ever.


Sorry if this offends people but most americans are idiots.

Actually I’m not sorry at all


I struggle with maths but hot damn that was a mathematical mess

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Most people are idiots. Not just Americans.

Just remember the average IQ is 100. That’s an average, so there’s significant portions of the population even stupider than that.

So I’m not surprised by the above exchange. I am surprised they were able to acquire any form of computing power and an internet connection though.