I might just have purchased a new 4K Blu-Ray Player

So basically, my mums TV struggles with playing stuff via Plex (Often 3 or 4 loads for it to work) She also often wants to watch some of my 4K films, so I have to unplug my player and move into the living room… To make her life easier, I have given her my 4K Blu-Ray player.

Been scouring the net today to find a replacement for mine. I was originally going to get the next one up from current one refurbished for about £120 (£199 new)

HOWEVER I then found a Panasonic UB420 on Currys for £249.99 (Yeah I know just over double what I was going to pay) But after looking into it, this one has only just released and features future proofing tech (HDR 10+) for example and looks damn impressive for the price! Comes tomorrow :smiley: Then I can watch The Matrix in all it’s glory!!



NICE work!

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Haven’t had any time to check out any 4K films yet… But holy cow the upscaling technology for 1080p Blu-rays is incredible!!

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