I might need to get a new screen... and GPU

Samsung are releasing a 49" 5120x1440 @ 120Mhz screen…

Hot damn but that is a lot of screen space! I kinda wants it…


I have enough trouble getting shit to work right with 3440x1440. Sure, I’m considering adding 2560x1440 panels on either side (24" should be approximately the same height and pixel density), but can’t see me using them in many games.

I have considered making one of those a gsync one with a higher refresh rate so i have the option, but then they get unreasonably expensive for the size/resolution quite quickly, so i might wait until greater colour depth is a thing, or just wait until the point everything can go 8K (only two years to the olympics!).

Did you get a 1080Ti already, or are you back on the wait (for reasonable pricing and availability or newer models) train? I’d consider getting a 2nd if i didn’t need a CPU upgrade to support the extra lanes :confused:

I am still waiting. The 970 is performing well, so I just cannot justify dumping that much money into a GPU right now, especially with everything going on here. It’s all about the saving at the moment.

The screen is impressive, but impractical unless you’re really into racing or space sims I imagine.

My mate here has a 55" tv as his main and only screen. Looked good, but I would rather have my 3 screen setup(purely for ease of use with work stuff). For gaming it would be nice to have one bigger one.

This is silly sizes.

Start slapping yourself now.


Blargh. Only just bought the other 32:9, dammit samsung, other commitments made today means i’ll be waiting a while to get one of those :<