So Dean Hall’s new game has been announced. Wonder if he’ll see this one through to completion.

Initially, reading up about it, I was skeptical. Another survival game - set on an alien planet… there are trees and mammals, but there is no oxygen so you can die from running out of air. Sounded a bit weak.

But looking into it, it actually sounds quite cool and he’s addressed the one big failing of Dayz - having something as a goal, beyond staying alive.

So basically, you orbit the planet on a space ship where you can group up with mates. You then have the option to choose a mission on the planet - It might be collect certain resources, or find some etc. You have to craft to stay alive and each mission can last from as short as 20 minutes to as long as a couple of days (everything acts in real time).

The key thing is, the drop ship returns to orbit at a set time. If you are not on board, you’re dead. If you’re dead, you completely lose that character forever - all their stuff and achievements.

I think that sounds pretty cool, personally.

There is loads of other stuff. Article here:


Sounds quite interesting.

Look forward to playing it in 2029 when its finished.


Sounds interesting. I have always found the idea of just solely surviving a bit boring in games.


The most surprising thing is that it will be free… No more early access making him millions and then he leaves the project before it’s done haha

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yeah… actually that rings alarm bells… because everything needs paying for.

I guess in game items on a co-op model isn’t the worst thing in the world - but this will have PvP as well as PvE.

I guess we’ll see… When it is release.

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Looks like DayZ in spacesuits. With Alien wolfs!! ffs

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Do not talk to me about fecking Dayz & fecking wolves!!!

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Just thinking, this could be like Ogame with alarms being set for the middle of night so you don’t miss drop ships!!