I'm Ignorant of humble bundle

… is this kind of thing normal? Cancel any time? This seems like a great deal for some ok games…

It’s a subscription to Humble Bundle.

You pay whatever amount each month and you get a stack of games.

Usually it’s 3 good, well-known titles and a bunch of filler.

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…so I just “subscribe” for this month for $12, cancel the subscription immediately and still have the games?


Yep, I’m a big fan personally. You get around 8-10 games. Usually one to three big names, a few less known but good to excellent indies and a couple of originals that they fund themselves (and are actually starting to be really good, coming from top quality indie developers creating ‘experiments’)

You can subscribe for a month, you’ll receive steam keys once the bundle release date passes, and those are yours to keep.

I’ve found it a great tool for finding games I otherwise wouldn’t play (Superhot, Sexy Brutale, Banner Saga, Stellaris, Big Pharma…list goes on) and occassionally getting some really surprisingly great deals. Total Warhammer, back when it was 35 everywhere, for 12 plus 8 other games. Shadow Tactics when it was 40, for 12 plus 7 other games.

Basically, it’s rolling the dice. Still, a bit goes to charity, I’ve had good deals and played a bunch of things I’ve enjoyed that I would never otherwise have played. I’m happy to keep subscribing.


Oh, and the humble trove they added recently is getting surprisingly good. Essentially, it’s a little library of games you can download and play at will, while subscribing. More than that, it’s a pure .exe - you could stop subscribing and they’d still work.

Limbo, Gone home, the Arcen games that I’ve always wanted to try but never got around to, Overlord games, Fallen Enchantress from Stardock…no incredible, top-budget new games or anything but surprisingly worthy games from a few years back, available to play at will.

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Thanks for reminding me to resubscribe. You can also pause your subscription for up to two months if the games don’t take your fancy. Which is what I did two months ago.

Yes you can entirely do that if you want, they had a bit of an “off” month for them IMO last month with their titles but for the price I usually get 2/3 games I’m interested in so never a real complaint about them.