I'm thinking about the new forum in the wrong way

…by thinking about it as a forum, when it doesn’t behave that way.

If I think about it as a reddit-like site, everything makes much more sense to me.

The landing page with everything in one place is like browsing /r/all or your own custom feed based on filters. Content found more currently relevant or popular or interesting rises to the top of the landing page but if I want to find posts on a specific interest I just jump to that category like I would go to a subreddit.

It makes more sense to me this way since, thinking of it as a forum, it feels confusing and scattered - which is exactly what reddit seemed like to me when I first joined.

Getting along with it better in this mind set.


Thats how i start to think of it. Also said that to Jes, this is like a ZiiP sub reddit.

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I’ve never used Reddit, so this is going to take some time for me to get used to it :slight_smile:

At least I know I’m not the only one :smiley:


Yes. Consider is like Reddit and other more modern boards like Stackoverflow etc. It’s about having categorised chat really.

this for me too
Very strangeness
Old dog though
With only limited phone data for a few weeks


Hey Stew - glad to see you back :slight_smile:

Search for Discourse on your phone app store - There is a dedicated app that make mobile use even easier.

Also, I wrote a bit of a list of new stuff here:

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Just found and read! Thanks Jes! Good job, as always :grin:

EDIT: Editing is so easy! :sweat_smile:


never been on reddit, but so far i like our new home, used the app last night to post a pic of Jes, was super easy, i like how easy it is to navigate and some of the little things, like being able to just highlight text and click quote. Seems more intuitive to me any way

(and we have emojis! :balloon::balloon:)

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