Inside Xbox Series X Trailers



I mean some cool looking games… But all third party and no gameplay… First party stuff not coming till July…


No they really don’t … Not with The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima still to come… Sony will hit hard late July.


The Xbox show was a joke. The only ‘next-gen’ looking game with some actualy gameplay was the first one. As always the buy once play on both Xbox One and the new series x is a nice touch but the lack of games makes me wonder why I need a Xbox over my PC in the first place.

Thats the one game I’m super interested in. I’m not much of a console gamer but a story driven game with swords play situated in Japan? Yes please, for that I dust off the PS4 between FF7 sessions.

That’s the thing… If you have a gaming PC there’s no reason to own an Xbox… Unless you’re strap for cash and the console is “better value”

All games shown are either full multiplatform or Xbox+PC (Scorn, The Medium and Call of the Sea) The Xbox console exclusive ones will be on Game Pass and if it follows on from other titles like Blair Witch (Same devs as The Medium) it will be day one on Game Pass for PC too… That and the fact any Microsoft Studio games yet announced will also be Game Pass for PC on day one.

Turns out with Bright Memory if you have it on Steam you get Infinite for free when it launches… It’s about an hour long… So I guess it’s like a paid for demo to help out the 1 guy making it.