Insurgency: Sandstorm


For those that played Insurgency, welcome to the new game, written using the Unreal 4 Engine.

Video is someone recorded it for the reviewer. It may look twitchy but it is just the play style of the player (not a reflection on the game)

Insurgency: Sandstorm is an unforgiving multiplayer game in which a single bullet is often lethal - even after it has passed through a wall. It is dipped in the blood of veteran military shooters - like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and Spec Ops - which means that it feels remarkably familiar, like slipping on an old pair of khakis.


Isn’t this SP/CooP rather than straight up multiplayer shooter like the first game?


I think the SP mode was canned (for the time being) and the article mentions a 7-man co-op.


Oooh Ins with UT4 engine? Yes please!


Yep…loved I insurgency


I found Insurgency quite twitchy. Still enjoyed it though. This looks guid.






Anyone playing the beta of this? £20.79 on steam (with 20% discount) Thinking of just grabbing it.


So gave this a shot. Quite enjoyable. Simple FPS goodness. Not too disimilar to the first one, but some more features, you can call in air strikes, mortars etc by using a spotter class and a commander. But seemed to be a bit OTT at the moment in the Beta. Vehicles also included but not had a shot of them. Some crzy ass drivers out there mind.,


I have enjoyed all the Ins series, so might pick this up :slight_smile:



Might give WoW a rest tonight and give this a go. @Scottyboy, you about?


@n0tch yes certainly am. Think @adrock has got it as well. Il be free back of 7 probably.


i do, and it’s installed now too!

I will be about almost permanently once i’ve been to the post office to claim my three international parcels of mystery, which will be as soon as work fucking does one.


How is it ? Just need this, made me think of it again.


Had a wee blast of this tonight with @adrock 8 player coop on a few maps assault and secure style gameplay against AI. was quite enjoyable. Will defo play more.

Sounds great, kill shots are extremely satisfying, shots back at you are unforgiving! (1 shot can kill). Good variety of weapons, and as usual for insurgency the loadout options are great bsaed on a point system. Take heavier armour for 3 points, lighter for 1 etc etc.

Will defo play a this more now.

Didnt get a great amount of exciting gameplay though, Time I remember to switch Shadowplay on All the fun stuff evaded me!


I loved playing the original and felt like it was the 1st game where pubbers actually help each other.

Seems like this one is along the same lines but smaller groups


Be off the games recently. Would be up for a blast of this tonight.


Yeah. I would be. We played CooP with some pubbers last night but if we can just get ourselves be pretty cool. @Adrock you up for some more?