Insurgency: Sandstorm


Great games tonight albeit a bit of a short session. Love the way the guns feel and the whole thing is so unforgiving. Also, jumping over a kitchen counter knocks the plates on the floor. Nice touch.


Nice wee firefight, get some rounds in early but quickly get supressed and have to move away. Manage to get eyes on the area and finish with a cheeky headshot, you can just see the blood splat at the end.

Game is unforgiving. You never really know if you get the kill or not, no kill message, no running score that is immediately obvious. Love it!

Another good scrap. See a dude run across the road, start to engage, his buddy covring him fires on me. I quickly try to get superior fire on him and manage to get in a position to take him out. But… totally forgot about the first dude!! dam


Content Update out today.

New weapons, New Firing Range for practice. New Arcade playlist possibly adding TDM at the moment and future game modes to come.

20% off deal as well until March 5th.