Insurgency: Sandstorm

Great games tonight albeit a bit of a short session. Love the way the guns feel and the whole thing is so unforgiving. Also, jumping over a kitchen counter knocks the plates on the floor. Nice touch.

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Nice wee firefight, get some rounds in early but quickly get supressed and have to move away. Manage to get eyes on the area and finish with a cheeky headshot, you can just see the blood splat at the end.

Game is unforgiving. You never really know if you get the kill or not, no kill message, no running score that is immediately obvious. Love it!

Another good scrap. See a dude run across the road, start to engage, his buddy covring him fires on me. I quickly try to get superior fire on him and manage to get in a position to take him out. But… totally forgot about the first dude!! dam


Content Update out today.

New weapons, New Firing Range for practice. New Arcade playlist possibly adding TDM at the moment and future game modes to come.

20% off deal as well until March 5th.


had a blast of this tonight with n0tch; it seems to look a lot prettier. There’s a slower more difficult hardcore mode we accidentally went into and had a really good time with. Didn’t recognise either of the maps we played so they might be new.

Will be playing more of this as and when folks are about :slight_smile:


Yep, was stonking good fun against good AI.

As @adrock says, something has progressed as it looks a lot nicer and plays very well.


Damn stupid beers. Do like this game.

Another good session with @adrock and @Scottyboy last night. Hopefully do some more tonight.

The AI is deffo good enough for tough gameplay plus the guys we teamed up with last night all seemed quite sound.

Gin to Win!!!

I have ginned as requested. i await confirmation of my victory.

Give it time.

Anyone about for some co-op fun this evening? And maybe even some gaming? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Gin to Win!

Sorry gadgey. I am that there Amsterdam. Will be back on Monday. No more uni for a few months so moar coop time or gaming or gin time will be available.

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Had a fun sesh with @Scottyboy and @nomane (Who bought, downloaded and played within 40 mins, and declared that this needs to be played for the first time when not so drunk. ) We concur.

Soooo, who is up for some pew pew Sat evening? Looking at you, @MicJules, @Jester, @adrock?


Aww man. I forgot. Got Zoom thing with all our mates tonight. About 8.30. So may be later time zi can get on.

Did enjoy Sandstorm.

I’m knackered so going to watch TV in bed. Probs grab some DayZ tomorrow night so maybe some Sandstorm during the week?


Aye OK. Il be up for some jogging tomorrow night.


Had a game tonight with @nomane who was more sober this time to hopefully remember he enjoyed it! although realises its unforgiving!.

Next weekend? easy for the day for myself, Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening. Whatever. But @n0tch @Jester @nomane @Scottyboy (me) @adrock all really hoping you could make it for a decent COOP game. ? Not sure if anyone else has it? Lets do it!!

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don’t own it sorry

@n0tch @nomane @adrock @Jester

Just trying to firm this game up then. CooP potenitally 5 of us? Friday night? (29th)

We should be able to set up a private game so no joe pubbers about. We all up for it?


Yep. Is that next Friday?

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