Intel 8086k

It’s the 40th anniversary of the original Intel 8086 CPU and so they created the core i7 8086k limited edition processor and ran a sweepstake to win one.

They are basically a binned i7 8700K that turbo’s up to 5GHz (6 core, 12 thread) with a different number on them.

There are only 50,000 parts to be sold worldwide, 8,086 of which are given away for free in the sweepstake which I entered after seeing it linked off one of the random tech sites I surf.

Today I got an email to say that I won one of these things! :open_mouth::open_mouth::rofl::crazy_face:

Now onto the real reason for this post…what would you do (bearing in mind my PC is old and needs an upgrade):

  1. Get a mainboard, DDR4 RAM and a few other bits, stick a decent cooler on it and actually use it and OC that bish!
  2. Keep it sealed in its box and keep it for a while and whack it on ebay and hope some collector maniacs will bid on it!?

They are not that rare since they are giving away 8086 of them and selling another 50k so I’m not sure I’d get crazy money for one if I put it on the bay so yeah what would you do?

I made a quick poll :slight_smile:

  • Use that thing!
  • Keep it forever unopened as a weird collectors item.
  • Put it on ebay and hope for top money and then buy some other bits!

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Use it and enjoy!

There is so much tech these days, it is unlikely to be a hugely collectable item - at least, not in the next 100 years.

Use it… and even second hand it’ll carry a value if it becomes truly rare

Yep use it matey. Then sell it when you finished with it.

The amount of really old and we’ll used CPUs I sell at car boots and on eBay that still go for good money is crazy.

Yes use it and abuse it. Anyway it is not really any different from a 8700k. Now you have to get the crazy expensive DDR4.
Sadly they did not have any competitions for these in Ireland, would have been a nice free cpu.

Yes the prices of DDR4 is a bit annoying right now as M2 SSD’s and the boards are quite good now price wise.

It’s painful that 8GB of DDR4 costs ~£100 right now, I can game ok with 8GB though.

Just need to wait for it to turn up and then get the rest of the bits.

You should wait a bit Ched. The amazon prime day is coming, should be next month.


True regarding amazon sales etc. as I’m in no rush :slight_smile:

The claim site said it should arrive by mid July.

Oh yeah and btw in the US AMD is doing a swap for a 1950x for that CPU, if you won it :slight_smile:
That 8086k It is a better binned version of the 8700k. So higher boost clocks.
I would recommend an asus board as they have have the multicore enhancement feature(puts all the cores on max clock). For example my 4770(non k for virtualization support) is running at 3.9 on all cores.

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The AMD offer for swapping for a threadripper is quite funny as Intel tweeted them to say that if they wanted one they just had to ask :rofl:


GJ Chadling! Use that bitch!

This is the tweet:

Good on them for not rising to AMD’s trolling.

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Yes but I believe AMD was doing an anniversary givaway with the 1950x and then Intel was doing the reverse of offering to replace it with the 8086k… So they are both at it.

I have always taken an “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach to competitions but I recently had an email from the lot running the sweepstake giveaway thing asking for a phone number and so I completed the online form and today I got a text message from DPD saying a parcel will be delivered and I was like WTF I don’t remember ordering anything and this showed up:

Thanks Intel! :open_mouth:

So now I can actually order some bits to use this thing for something!

The only issues at the moment are the prices of DDR4 RAM!
Apparently these things run toasty as intel use TIM more akin to toothpaste than actual TIM so do I de-lid it?!

Having previously had AMD systems this will be my first intel system for many years so if anyone has built a recent LGA1151 socket system and can recommend motherboard manufacturers then please chime in :slight_smile:

This thing will be a HUGE performance gain for me as I’m still rocking a Phenom II (albeit slightly overclocked/tweaked) wheras someone with an intel CPU from a good few years ago probably wouldn’t see the same performance jump as up until Ryzen hit Intel were a bit lazy on IPC gains with each generation :rofl:

So yeah Stan called, hell’s getting a bit chilly it looks like I’m finally going to be updating my PC :rofl:


Holy fuckballs that is some win! :open_mouth:

Congrats dude!

I thought Intel stopped shipping their CPU’s with coolers and TIM quite some time ago? I built a 1151 rig recently using an ASUS Prime board:

Tidy board with plenty of slots. The primary M2 slot is actually hidden underneath the cooler block down by the USB headers.

You’re certainly going to see a massive improvement in computational power, that’s for sure!

Keep the box mint! - careful as you open it. Even used, with a mint box, it’ll retain its value being so rare.

I wouldn’t de-lid it personally. :slight_smile:

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Yeah this doesn’t come with a CPU cooler in the box, I was referring to the TIM between the CPU die itself and the heatspreader on top of it.

I guess a de-lid would nullify any resale value @Jester :slight_smile:

I’ll have to get to looking up bits now as I’d like a new case too but I don’t really want to home a high end CPU like this in a lower end board as that’d be rude :rofl:

I just checked out that board @NaloaC looks nice, I’ll add that to the consideration list.

Also quite amusing that its a “coffee lake” CPU what with my drinking a lot of that and I think I need to drink a lake of it as I started reading about how intel CPU’s are more sensitive to RAM latency than they are RAM speed which is the opposite to AMD where frequency counts!

Apparently a slower clocked RAM with tight timings will have faster access times (in ns) than a faster clocked RAM with looser timings :crazy_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m a bit jealous, enjoy it! I entered too but had no luck. My old 7700k is still working well enough anyway.

Ram makes less of an impact on Intel system then on the first Gen AMD systems, still I would go with around 3000MHz (C15) if you can. Latency is a bit important but at that frequency range I got some good deals in the past.

Delidding typically isn’t an issue for most people, there is defintely a market for that especially with such a precious cpu. My 7600 (small rig) is delidded too, as do most people! The tempercature decrease is quite nuts with it! Didnt delidd my 7700k yet as its under water, the 7600 is in a tiny minit ITX chassis though with a rather tiny heatsink,thats why I did it.

Almost forgot, you need a brand new Z370 board as the older Z270 don’t work witht he newer chips! I’m using a Gigabyte (Aeros) right now (big system), and the mini ITX is a Gigabyte too. I had no problems but I heard horror stories of their support. Still for me “fingers crossed” they worked flawless till now. Most people would probably recomend ASUS, but I defitnely prefere MSI over them. Lots of hype for Asus which increases the prices on their boards.

Gigabyte > MSI > ASUS for me at least

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My Gigabyte board supporting my old phenom II has given me no issues after many years!

I have been looking at this as a board but still mulling others over:

Quite expensive but I really don’t want to put this CPU in a “cheap” board.

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Thats the Z370 revision of the exact same board I’m using (Z270x Gaming 7). Not sure of how much of an incentive that is but I love my z270 version! Needed a bios flash but otherwise worked rock solid for now around 2.5 years.

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