Intel 8086k


Good to know, reading reviews on the internet for anything is tedious at best as you can never tell if the reviewer is rough with hardware etc.

Der8auer took a look at it and said it was solid which gave me some confidence in it too.


LTT decided to de-lid their one… and make it even more Limited Edition…


Jes, you owe me a new breakfast. Just seeing that goons face reminds me of his voice and the forced excitement and positivity about everything he’s been paid to say. I wish they didn’t hide sometimes useful information behind him.



The trouble with a lot of youtubers is that they need constant content - and for the gems of useful information, it is lost in a sea of bullshit.


yeah, unless you’re very selective about what you’re willing to watch, S:N goes out the window after the first five minutes. Just be honest and admit that not all your content is the most exciting thing you’ve ever experienced, no one expects it to be because that would be absurd. People tend to connect with what they can relate to, and the majority of people can relate to being a real human being and not a fucking caricature, you disingenuous prick.


Evidence the werewolf literary intelligentsia have infiltrated the internet. Do not read online during a full moon!