Intel CPU shortages

Normally, I post things that I hear about in a news article, and then research it some more… but this time, it was the other way around.

I just saw an advert pop up on my browser from Scan, advertising the Intel i3 8100 for £160… I thought it was a mistake, as I knew Amazon was selling the 8100 for around £99 just a handful of months ago.

But no, it is correct - and not only does the price on Amazon match Scans pricing, but it was also seem there is really short availability on all Intel CPUs.

He’s an article I then found:

So… if you are looking at a new PC build in the near future, hold out on the CPU for now. Might be worth getting RAM now as that is cheap… as are SSDs.

This can only play into AMDs hands.

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Yep your right jes. We have not been able to build a load of machines at work due to this and not sure when we will be getting any

AMD is starting to look better and better :slight_smile:

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I guess I’m lucky then since I got a free 8th gen i7 :smiley:

I’m starting the build this weekend :slight_smile:

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Put some pics up please

I’m going to be taking pics as I build and will throw them in the thread :slight_smile: