Interesting article on fake faces

I think we’re coming up to a point where we literally wont be able to believe anything we see. It’s like a disturbing sci-fi movie is now the norm. Deep Fakes were a ‘bit of fun’ - but I think the AI tech is now at the point where with the sheer amount of data we a bombarded with on a daily basis (through Social Media etc), we haven’t got the time/patience to analyse whether or not something is real or not.

Interesting article by the NYT. The political agenda in the narrative annoys me a touch, but the point it raises are real.

I think this AI is our generation’s Nuclear Energy/Bomb. A technology with so much potential for good - yet at the same time, a dark side that could do untold damage.

Do look at the article, even just for the pictures or examples.

Do These A.I.-Created Fake People Look Real to You? - The New York Times (

Email to my MP.
Dear Mr MacAskill,

I am concerned about the rise in the digital phenomenon of ‘deepfakes’ being presented to everyday social media and internet users and call on your support for tougher legislation.

‘Deepfakes’ is the method of creating a false representation of someone by using artificial intelligence systems to superimpose the image of one person on to another. This can also be done by audio techniques to create misrepresentation of someone’s voice

There are legitimate uses of this technology which offer benefits and entertainment to society. Recently we have seen the late Carrie Fisher reprise her younger self in ‘Rogue One, A Star Wars Story’ through use of clever ‘CGI’ technology and no doubt, we can expect this technology to entertain us for the future.

Audio representation can be put to good use for medical reasons. An article in The Verge recently highlights the use of creating audio samples to be used for patients losing their voice as part of a program in the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Despite the benefits, the misuse of this technology is something that concerns me. Particularly in the way that it can influence opinion in a political situation or used maliciously against an individual. We have heard of many instances of famous people misrepresented in pornography. The damage to reputations of everyday people such as teachers, doctors or lawyers could be unthinkable.

We have recently finalised withdrawal from the European Union. But how many opinions in this vote may have been influenced by seeing deepfake videos?

As reported in the BBC , Facebook plan to ban such instances of deepfakes and I feel legislation is surely required to further enforce social media companies to police their platforms and for offenders to be identified and punished under law.

Yours sincerely

Scott Davidson


Nice one Scott. Is important to raise this to members of Parliament. You are the real Scott though? How can we be sure? Which pub did we first drink in?

Disagree about the EU point though - of course I would, :wink: based on the fact that European and Council elections were won by Eurosceptic parties from the late 90s and into the 2000s. This technology definitely wasn’t around then. It certainly wasn’t good enough either in 2016, as the article actually alludes to:

hahah. I cant frigging remember the name of that pub!

Never sent to MP. Was just part of a uni assignment last term. Cant even remember why they chose this subject matter. Just remembered it when you posted here.

I wsnt trying to make an argument for or against brexit. Just tried to throw an example in of something serious that could be influence with serious ramifications. As to be fair I didnt suggest one way or another. :wink: But good point.

hehe - I certainly believe it has been used in the US elections though. Infact, I know it has. There were twitter profiles of black cops saying they are quitting after 25 years of service because of the corruption in the election yada yada yada… So obviously a Fake Face, now I’ve read that report.

Scarily, the one I saw had thousands of retweets and likes.

Hmm. I need to create FakeFaceBook [dot] com (and get a letter from Facebook’s lawyers like I did for CumFaceBook [dot] com)




deepfake!! thats not me


That’s not me either!

That folder is a cabbage too.

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It looks like you were sponsored to be there!

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I also keep thinking I can see a “Shutterstock” watermark in there somewhere.

“Generic casual business meeting”


Ring binder with notes! Bet the next page is porn


UNILAD: Eminem Deepfake Song Written By An AI Bot Takes Shots At Mark Zuckerberg.

Are artists even real anymore??

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Literally PMSL at some of those lyrics.

“Your so hairy, your getting hairier every day, I’m making a photoshopped picture of your tomorrow, I’m going to make you into a real big hairy steamboat, I’ll call you mark by the river”

Seriously, Ivor Novello Award material right there…

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