Internet / ISP "speeds"

O hai.

I’m aware of “should be” and “up to” - just ran 3 separate speed tests - all sayin d/l is roughly 8mb. Bullshit. Steam is giving me a MAX of 1Mb, average 670kb. How is this?

Also, showing upload of 0.8mb… Again, how can this be?

Trying to understand before I have a verbal fight with Sky tomorrow, so trying to be an “intelligent” customer… Manies thankings in advance. Bitches :smiley:

What are you supposed to be getting Pantehs for your money?

My line is estimated between 2 and 6 Mb! Real shit. I get around 5MB as my standard dl bandwidth . On Steam I get around 400 KB/S Steams download speed is depending on its servers, loading etc. I wouldnt expect you to get full 8MB on steam.

I presume you are on oldey copper web?

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Because internet speeds are measured in bits, not bytes Panties. So the ISP isn’t lying per se - you are getting 8Megabit per second. but Steam measures in Bytes. 8 bits = 1 byte.

Hence why steam seems like the truth and your ISP a lying bastard.

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Brand new build (18 months old) fibre etc available, 0.7miles from cabinet…

Don’t know (haven’t looked) at what “wires” it’s on. Probably paying for 8Mb, so accurate in that… However…

GREAT shout on bytes / bits, Xand - didn’t realise that, hence glad I asked. Love to learn :slight_smile: So Steam 1Mb is sky 8Mb.


little b - bit
Big B - Byte


so steam 1 MB/s is 1,000,000 bytes per second x 8 = 8 Mega Bits per second.

I am surprised though you are only getting 8Mb download on fibre. Seems too close to copper speeds.

Absolutely copper speeds, and not even decent lines.

If that is the fibre option you have that is absolute bullshit pnats

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When she first moved here, no fibre options. Now, plenty, it seems…

As Vred has just said on TS, nowadays it’s about customer support and time taken to sort out issues, not speed.

Because that’s the only thing that truly differentiates the ISPs. There’s only two different lines - Virgin (which is new + the old NTL lines) and BT.

All providers aside from Virgin use the BT lines. BT acts like a wholesaler, much like privatised water utilities (thank open water for that) where not only are you paying the supplier that owns the asset but there are “retailers” that basically just do the admin and front end, usually at a discount.

It’s basically enforced competition on who can provide the best “customer experience”. Your line speed will always be limited by infrastructure though, and that will always be decided by who owns the actual physical asset. In this case, BT is your bitch.

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And also who gives priority customer service / action. For the consumer.

Easiest way of picturing the whole bit vs byte thing, if you find it tricky to keep in mind, is to think in terms of letter and words.

Networks think in letters, to mean that internet providers work in bits, because the way that network transmission works is to send it one ‘bit’ at a time down the line.

Now the way your computer thinks is in words. That’s due to how memory is organised, for efficiency. It’s more efficient in terms of transferring data between the CPU and the memory to grab more than you need, as there’s a good chance that after you use the bit you need now, you’ll need the bit next to it afterwards. Sort of like how when you want to cook a meal you don’t go to the supermarket, buy one ingredient, drive home, prepare it and then drive back to the supermarket to buy the next ingredient.

Since your computer thinks in bytes, data is commonly referred to in terms of bytes when talking about ‘this is something you’re going to use on your computer’ stuff.

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with every thing being said it is dependant on the contract your on i know BT limit my speed due to the contract and what speeds we are allowed to get by that.

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Apparently, “Fibre to the Home” will be rolled out in my neck of the woods in January! :open_mouth:

“Up to” 1,000Mb/s speeds…

That’l be a long cable to your house!!

1.2Km to the exchange as the crow flies, 1.9Km if you follow the course of the road.

Puts us in ‘priority’ status apparently!


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