Into the Breach

From the makers of FTL, comes TIMESINK 2!

Aliens are invading. You have 3 mechs. Survive.

Teeny tiny RTS games, where you have to survive for a number of turns each missions (with bonus objectives) and secure continents. Aliens want to kill you and wreck buildings (horrible designs really, can’t blame them).

PC Gamer actually has a really good summary video.

€15 and released tomorrow. Hells yes.


FTL ate entire weeks when it came out.

This looks just as compelling!

Looks tempting, the last RTS I liked was Tooth and Tail. If this has similar potential, I might pick it up! Seems like the RTS aspect is quite in depth.

Still with my arcade stick almost finished I wonder how much time I really have when getting back into DBFZ or SF5. This looks still awesome and kinda as it would work great, or even “feel”, better if played with a stick.

If anyone is looking to get this, I’d say go through GOG instead of Steam as you will get FTL advanced edition free with it.

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Blockquote I’d say go through GOG instead of Steam as you will get FTL advanced edition free with it.

always use GoG instend of steam if you can i say as one better value two better company i use them as much as i can now :smiley:

all so the game looks really cool

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Agreed Reno, they are a superb place to get games from!

Fuck me the game is ruthless. Utterly unforgiving in any sense.

The laser core team are pretty cool. I was wondering about their abilities until I clocked that 2 of the units are simply AI driven, so they are completely expendable.

Finished the game on easy this morning over coffee. Great little title and well worth picking up!

You earn coins through achievements, which then allows you to unlock new squads. I’ve unlocked 3 new squads so far. The more expensive ones means that i will have to try to fulfil the achievement requirements to get the necessary coin!

Bring it on!

astonishing little game this. There’s no perfect run either - its a game where sometimes you are going to lose something on your next turn. Feels perfect.

Its an absolute time sink too. lost 2 hours to it this evening and didnt even notice!