Iron Harvest - New RTS on Kickstarter

Came across this earlier, its a classic real time strategy game with a heavy emphasis on strategy over the size of units. It has a single player story, three campaigns, destructible environments and of course it looks amazing! The style is based from the artwork of Jakub Różalski (some of his stuff can be found here), and is set in an alternate 1920 where giant mechs are used in warfare.

Anyway here’s the trailer: (gameplay starts around 0:22)

And the KickStarter page if you want to back it:


Looks really nice - love the art style and look of the RTS mechanics. Sadly, not got the cash to throw at it at the moment… £32 as a kickstarter pledge is a bit steep (no, it borders being ridiculous) - especially as that is described as being cheaper than the full RRP.

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yeah it is a bit steep for a pledge - they do offer a £10 discount code as a cheaper option but its quite the jump to the next tier for a copy of the game… I haven’t backed it yet, but if I have some spare cash next week I will

bonus points for a game incorporating Wojtek the bear.

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So this game has a release date and a pretty tasty cinematic trailer:

Comes out on Sept’ 1st