Is my GPU foobarred :(


Oh shit. Hoping the 1070 is still under wannanty. Good that it is up and running anyway.


Can you believe it !!!

My card has a 2 years warranty…i bought my card in August 2016…so 1 month out of warranty :frowning:
‘kin’ typical eh?? lol

…so be looking for a 1070 again this week ans I am now on Onboard graphics lol


It’s worthwhile contacting them regardless to see if they might still cover it!


== NOTE: This information is out of date. Read my updated post below. ==

Don’t matter. Warranties mean nothing. The following is from memory from my PC World days…

Under UK law, the Sale of Goods Act 1979 Section 14, I believe, states that an item has to be fit for purpose for a reasonable length of time.

The ambiguity is what you, or the retailer, recognise as a ‘reasonable length of time’. Generally, the law like to fall back on ‘7 years’. So that’s generally what it goes by.

To argue that you’d like your item repaired (and they have to be allowed to repair before replace or refund) you’d need to speak to a sale assistant or customer support that understands the sale of goods act. Usually means going up the chain a bit to a manager - but it is worth pursuing…

Where did you buy it from?

– edit –

Additionally, if the retailer says something like “Oh, you’ll have to speak to the manufacturer now” - Say, “No, the contract of sale is with yourselves, and it is yourselves that I’ll be dealing with. I have no contract with the manufacturer”. Don’t let them fob you off. Imagine buying a car where a switch goes wrong, and the garage tells you to contact the switch factory in China for a replacement?" Wouldn’t happen.


My guess is no. :smiley:

Am I helping? :smiley:


That is shit. I did a bit of digging. Most of the manufacturers seem to have 3 year warranty.
Based on it being 2 years, it is a zotac gard? They seem to have an extended warranty that gives +1 year so might still be worth trying to get it under warranty if it is a zotac one.
I think my next card will be from EVGA as warranty is 3 years on those.


I bought it from SCAN, I called them and they stated 2 years warranty :frowning:
It is a GameRock 1070 GTX made by Palit.


Did you do as I said? It is not reasonable, under UK law, for an item to fail 1 month outside of its warranty period.


I’ve email the manufacturer Palit to see what the their warranty is Jes.


I’m actually out of date… the sale of goods act was replaced by the consumer act 2015. Just reading up on your rights…

– edit –

You do still have rights with the Consumer Sales Act 2015, but it would be based on proving that there was a fault at the point of manufacturing that showed itself 1 month outside of the warranty period. The ‘reasonable’ period is 6 years. However, it is on you to prove the fault.

Effectively, you’d be in a fight with Scan, not Palit - It might be worth a letter to their head office explaining the situation. Helpdesk staff aren’t going to deal with this. You would possibly need to have a independent evaluation of the card to back up your claim that it was an inherent fault. You also have an argument of fair and proper use - i.e. You haven’t overclocked it or used it for mining bitcoin etc. You’d effectively be heading for a small claims court claim - and it’d be a case as to whether Scan blink first before it got to that stage and just supplied another card and/or refund or repair.

So, pursuing wouldn’t be free. If it was a pricey card, it would be worth considering. The might offer you something straight away after your first letter because they might not want the hassle.

Here is a guide:


I just got this back from SCAN…

Mr Martin Dragoon,

Good morning,

Unfortunately as it is out of the warranty period we would not be able to issue a return I’m afraid.


Scan Computers


Yep. Because that is just Scan customer service bods. They are told to send that response because:

A) They don’t know consumer law. and B) They hope that you don’t know consumer law so wont pursue it.

Imagine if they just turned around and said “Oh, sorry to hear your card has failed. We’ll send you another out straight away!” - They wouldn’t.

So you need to write a letter - to head office (not customer support), explain the situation, recognise and mention the Consumer Sales Act 2015 and express that you’d like them to take action.

It’s a fight. But it is worth it.


That is a good idea to contact Palit. Apparently Palit used to have 3 year, then they reduced it and then increased back to 3 year. Now I can’t find info on when all of these happened apart from the latest change and that one is only covering kit that was sold since January 2018. So you could get lucky.


Scan are a bunch of feckers. I hate having to deal with their returns. So many problems with the stuff they send back to us. And if it’s from Palit…we may have sold it to them :). Unfortunately I’m no to sure on Palit return s but I can find out on Monday for you


Dear Nvidia, SCAN and Palit,

The helpful NVIDIA Support guy said NVIDIA cards have a 3 year warranty, as you can see from this email both the Manufacturer and Supplier BOTH refuse to honour this.

Considering this card cost me nearly £400 I feel 2 years and 1 month is shocking performance for a 3 year warranty Graphics Card !!!

Can you please state what my options are as I will not accept this shocking service and fully intend to pursue this case……

Email from Palit…

From: Palit Support <>
Sent: 25 September 2018 13:10
To: Martin Dragoon <>
Subject: Re: Warrenty on a 1070 GTX

Dear customer

Thank you for the mail.

Palit provides manufacturer warranty only to its distributors (not to resellers or end-users).

For various business consideration or trade conditions local distributors or resellers might have their own warranty terms, regulations or policy.

Please contact the store where you bought (or plan to buy) the graphic card to make sure the warranty conditions.

Please kindly be notified that Palit only handles warranty claims from its distributors.

So warranty claims from end users or resellers have to be processed through local distributors.

End users should contact the store where they purchased the graphic card to claim warranty.

Please kindly be notified.


Chat with Nvidia……

06:46:37 AM]Hi, my name is Rajath. How may I help you?
[06:47:09 AM]martin dragoon: Are nvidia graphics cards covered by a 3 year warranty?
[06:47:31 AM]Rajath: Hello martin
[06:47:54 AM]Rajath: Yes the NVIDIA branded cards would have 3 years warranty from the date of purchase
[06:49:45 AM]martin dragoon: nvidia branded? do you mean all 1070 GTX cards sold by other manufactures?
[06:50:22 AM]Rajath: Yes, We manufacture the base chipset i.e. the Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), which is then sold to our partner companies like PNY, EVGA, XFX, MSI, LEADTEK, etc…and to some OEMs like Dell, IBM, HP. These manufacturers custom design the graphics card using our chipset technology & provide warranty on the complete graphics card.
[06:51:53 AM]martin dragoon: ok good, I bought a 1070 GTX from Scan Computers 2 years a 1 month ago.
[06:52:10 AM]martin dragoon: they said they only cover the cards for 2 years.
[06:52:51 AM]martin dragoon: so my expensice card has died 1 month ovr thier warranty :frowning: and they refuse to repair or replace
[06:52:57 AM]Rajath: Please check and let me know the name of the manufacturer on the car
[06:52:58 AM]Rajath: card
[06:53:04 AM]martin dragoon: Palid
[06:53:17 AM]martin dragoon: Palit
[06:55:03 AM]Rajath:
[06:55:16 AM]Rajath: Please contact the manufacturer and check for details of warranty and replacement

Email from SCAN….

-----Original Message-----
From: <>
Sent: 22 September 2018 13:08
To: Martin Dragoon <>
Subject: Query 1935129 - {9BE0E685-29A8-49EC-948A-83C36483E389}

Mr Martin Dragoon,

Good morning,

Unfortunately as it is out of the warranty period we would not be able to issue a return I’m afraid.


Scan Computers


Looks like I’ll be writing this 1070 off…really cannot be arsed for a legal action as thier stated warranty is 2 years…and SCAN are NOT budging :frowning:

Mr Martin Dragoon,


The card is a Palit card not a NVidia card, NVidia are the board partner with palit and the card is then manufactured with palit, NVidias cards have a 3 year warranty whereas the palit card only has 2 years.


Scan Computers


That is shit. If you are looking for the 1070 to replace that one then I would look for a used one to save some money.


I’ll say it again. Forget about warranty. Quote the Consumer Sales Act 2015. Do not contact “support” or “queries” at email addresses. Write a letter to head office. FAO their CEO.

Honestly, that’s how you resolve it.

I’ll give you a shout on Facebook mate when I’m back from Lincoln.


I’ll try Jester…but what CEO?



Scan. The contract of sale is between you and Scan. Scan has a distributor contract of sale with Palit. Whilst you own a Palit card, you do not have a contract with them.

There are certain things you need to say - can you PM me the letter you intend to send before you post it?

I love a good fight. :slight_smile: