ISO voucher for Amazon or John Lewis

Hi folkses. As I MAY be buying Rift S, I’m looking to where is cheaper, so am after any voucher codes that you guys may know of…

Then Ima ask Jes to generate an Amazon code, mebbes :slight_smile: Of course, my PC speakers are now behaving, so I may not be buying new speakers.New drivers for gfx card, so a likelihood that it was this. Although how when PC was turned off, I’m unsure. but hey.

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have you tryed the Honey crome extension it can auto check websites for vouchers and offers for you?

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I have not, Sir! Many thanks! :kissing_heart:

EDIT:- “extensions - no search results found” :’(

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Well taht works!!!

Honey is great. It basically bypasses all the work that any independent reviewers, bloggers, communities or folk online do by taking the last “click” and hijacking any potential commission.