ISPs for new contracts

2 fold thing here, folks…

Got a mate who needs an isp - bt box so infrastructure in her house. She doesn’t game, just needs for Internet gubbins. She currently unemployed, so costs are an issue. My thoughts were that bt would be ideal due to no extra costs for infrastructure, but willing to hear options!
Recommendations, please.

Aaaaand as I have to move, I also will need to sort. I stream TV via tinterweb, but not 4k.i game so need the speed. I also need consistency due to working from home too. Don’t want throttling nor traffic management if possible. Can’t yet give postcode as I don’t know where I’m moving to yet…
Suggestions please!

Can provide her postcode if that helps.

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Plusnet for your friend. £18.99 for 10MB inc line rental. Plusnet got purchased by BT so will integrate fine.

To see other deals on various sites you need to enter postcode.


Looking like either EE (can get discount through work) or talktalk. Internet has it that TTs router is proper good, so leaning towards them.

Anyone any scares / horrors to share re TT or indeed EE?

Tar! :heart:

EDIT:- NVM - I had to order to ensure it goes live for the narrow window I need it in. :slight_smile:

Not a great fan of talk talk. Had loads of issues with them years ago. Parents still with them just because they don’t like change

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Well, the chat worked for me… We’ll see. The timeline for go is tight and they’ve scored well in the last round of reports. And their router is good… ALL of them have dramas, but on customer satisfaction, they did pretty good.

However, thanks for the words, Hammy! I shall keep an eye. :eyes:

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