It's good to see the house hasn't burnt down


Sorry it’s been a while, RL has taken it’s toll and i’ve not played anything in a while in fact my gaming rig is currently sitting in the man cave/office/dumping ground surround by boxes.

So what have I been up to in last year or so? First off I took redundancy at my last place of work in Guildford and have moved to a better paid but very stressful job. YAY!!! I think I may of told you guys in the old forum but I can’t remember.

Since then i’ve bought a new place and have spent most of the time doing the place up. Well I would of if the other half hadn’t slipped two discs in her back. So I’ve spent most of the summer taking care of the animals and then taking care of her once she was out of hospital.

It’s not been all doom and gloom though, I finally finished off my bike test and I now have a donor card and a KTM to escape on, nothing too quick though, just a 390 until i’ve swallowed the brave pills and the house is progressing nicely, I’ve got a massive cabin at the bottom of the garden that is crying out for some CAT5.

Gaming wise i’ve not played anything in a while, I still need to finish off Dishonoured 2 and I bought a couple of games such as Prey and Elite Sniper 4 during the summer Steam sales with the idea of playing them in the winter.

So what have you all been up to? What games are you all playing? The forum looks good.

That is all


Hey Rev - wow you have been busy! KTM 390 is a awesome looking bike… would love one myself. :slight_smile:

Get some CAT 5 laid down and get some gaming in… even if its just every now and again between your hectic schedules :slight_smile:

Glad you like the forum - much easier to post up lots of different topics up on. Game wise, I’m playing R6 and ARMA. Others are playing that Player Unknown thingy, various iterations of Battlefield, titanfall etc. EA now do a subscription service to its library for £20 a year - which is an absolute bargain as it contains many of its latest games - so that might be the easiest way to catch up with some of the stuff that we’re playing. :slight_smile:

Hey Jes, good to hear your still around.

I should take photo’s of the house and how I intend to improve the man cave. I’ve got a few plans that i’ll need to get past the committee\the other half.

I’ll take a look at the EA subscription as it sounds like a good idea.

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