It's half an hour to Arma tanks DLC; what will you blow up first?

5pm czech time apparently, or 6pm for us it seems (that’s how long the pre-order bonus has to last).

Here’s hoping they don’t change any default bindings and i can find a pilot who can build me a pyramid of stealth tanks to shoot.

5GB Download!!! Grr been waiting all day to DL it while at work. Now it drops. Be on at around 10 at current rate!! grrr. Might just go watch Star Wars instead and wait till tomorrow.

Rhino MGS. Range of 8KM with new ATGM Munition!!! And has a SPMG turret. Does have limited ammo capacity right enough.
Had a blast of the showcase mission. New interiors are massive improvement.

Big improvement on vehicle sounds. Pick ups sound like a v8 and the sports hatch sounds like an electric car with very little noise.

The new 130mm Vorona mobile anti-tank-launcher-of-death is AMAZING. $1000 to buy the tube, refills are $1000… so dirt cheap.

Guide-by-wire up to 2000m. :wink:

Took 2 tanks out with a single hit to the side… and one of the tanks was the new T140K

No longer will tanks dominate Wastelands…

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I shit myself when I took out an APC with one shot head on. Though the tube was 2k though, but 1k a missile is mad! I can see that being balanced in wastelands soon.

I’ll be interested to see what different the grills, tank armour etc will make to missiles/damage. I think they soften or deflect depending on angle and what missile.

break down of new DLC, can I just point out the Zamak MLR wheeled self-propelled rocket artillery, now this seems interesting.

Yeah, I had a quick read through the ARMA Wiki last night to have a look at how all the new stuff worked.

Basically, if you see a tank/APC that has the anti-rocket grills on them, you need to destroy them first, and it is best to use a HE round for that… then follow it up with a HEAT round on the main armour.

I can only presume that there is animation to show the grills damaged or they get removed…

This update has had big changes on wastelands. Wish they updated the aa and then nothing would be op on it.

I would think there will be a new version of wastelands soon to balance the new stuff. Might take a trip to the vehicle shop to see if they have the new armour stuff for tanks and prices.

Actually not a bad idea. Made 100k last night - so I could park up a couple of tanks in the garage for emergencies.

Also, need to get into the habit of having AT stuffs in storage units.

Everything is in the store. Didnt pay too much attention.

Rhino MGS is 50k though. And the quilin/prowlers with Veronas £8k. Not sure how they have factored in the armour/countermeasure customisation though. In PVP when you buy a vehicle there is a drop down option on that vehicles information tab for the various options, so a gunship for example, you can select, miniguns, miniguns and rockets, etc and the price varies. Wasteland doesnt strike me as having that built into it. So I imagine they have configured a default loadout for certain vehicles. That APC we chased down last night had the grill on it mind. Didnt help them against my mighty Zafir rounds though!

I’d personally store the at qulins rather than the tanks. Cost less but with them Verona will pack a punch

vehicles handled so much better now as well. No more silly under-steer… under-steer… MASSIVE oversteer… roll and flip.

Notice the vehicles actually slid too. Much more fun.

yeah, driving scotty’s tigris i managed to get some nice slides on the side of the hill; much more controllable than before.

So was having a wee play about with the Rhino in the editor. Seems that it is not so effective after all. Well, it appears that it may require some ‘work’. Did some very quick googles and come across a few posts about missile guidance not landing on target and being a bit off.

Vid below shows approx 7 seconds between firing, 1 hit, and then nothing!!. This video was actually about my fifth attempt and had similar results, in both top down and direct fire modes. In fact I think I only scored one hit prior to this. Hmmm moar work and investigation needed methinks.

If you wait for a round to hit, and then fire another - it’s ok?

Yeah. I think I have figured it out.

I edited some waiting time out, took a bit longer for the rounds to reach 7.8km away.

I fired in top down mode with quite a high barrel elevation. When I tried in direct mode, the missile is supposed to follow the topograhpy of the land. But it went straight into a side of a hill not far after firing. I tried after this video a few more direct fire shots. They all drifted low into the ground as they tracked towards the target.

So @adrock , @MadMan and myself ‘borrowed’ your Rhino, @Scottyboy… of course, by ‘borrowed’ I mean ‘stole’ and by ‘your’ and now mean ‘mine’…

Sorry - it needed locking again. I need to run it to the ammo store to refill it.

Anyhow, we got the targeting system working with Madman’s UAV with a laser spot. Some additional things that may prove useful to know:

  1. ARMA didn’t have many of the targeting keys bound by default. Upon setting them, they worked - but I also found some unbound themselves again… this’ll need looking at as to why.

  2. Cycling through your screen menus (either [ or ] depending on left or right of a screen) eventually gives you a missile camera view that follows the round after firing. It follows the contour of the hills a bit - but isn’t as manoeuvrable as a Cruise missile.

Oh yeah. I dont know cant leave your APC anywhere safe these days.

I also figured out that the gunner can auto lase and target himself. Doesnt need commander That may explain confusion with trying to do that with Hammy

I meant to check with the missile camera (you can see in my video) when you fire 4 if you can somehow cycle through to each missile.As it shows the latest one to be fired only.

Missile tracking is a problem for direct mode. It was supposed to as far as I have read been a terrain following missile.but probably better for line of site.

Did you score many hits?

Sadly not - all hit the hills - and when we marked a target closer… we had no ammo.

Did fire a HE round into an Outpost mission from 2.6KM away.