It's Pickle Riiiiiick!

Any Rick and Morty fans?

This is my absolute favourite part of the series so far.


What the fuck did I just watch? :slight_smile: Not seen Rick & Morty before…

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It took me a second watch of the first season to like it, but it’s a good binge watch and a about half of season 3 is available at this point.

Turned my self into a pickle morty IM PICKLE RIICK!

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One of the best shows around. Anyone who disagrees is a Jerry.


Joint first favourite part:

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

Fucking love Rick and Morty :joy:

I did spend a few days shouting “I’m pickle rick” at home after that episode. Wife didn’t get it.


From tiny Rick to pickle Rick my new catch phrase is I couldn’t give a bleep just shake dat ass bitches let me see what you got!.. Favourite series

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It’s an absolutely incredible show.
One dot mother##kers!

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One of the many many things I love about Rick and Morty is trying to maintain continuity in my head. Must admit I got lost briefly at the start of season 2 when they fractured time, but they’re all technically them (even if some of them didn’t make it) so no isues :slight_smile: Hell, if Rick’s sister doesn’t mind a Rick from another dimension being her brother…


I always slay it