Japanese / S Korea trade friction

@Zorndar, you’re probably as much in the know about any of this as anyone - Is it as bad as the BBC report or just over-zealous doomsday reporting?

"The export curbs apply to three high-tech materials: fluorinated polyimide, photoresists and hydrogen fluoride.

Japan is the dominant producer of those materials which are vital to make memory chips and display screens.

These are key industries for South Korea.

The country’s tech giants Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix exported around 60% of global memory components last year, according to IHS Markit."

That sounds to me like the current trend of cheap RAM and SSDs is going to come to an end…

Its not really a trade row. Korea wanted more compensation payments from Japan over the war, Japan considers these to have already been paid via a loan that they gave. So now they are putting tariffs on materials.

Its as fucked as they say. Most of my colleagues won’t buy any Japanese products anymore as protest. Pretty sure that the affected industries will have inflated prices pretty soon. This is already going on for a while, roughly 1-2 months now? Its also affecting other industries like photovoltaic.

This is just more oil on the fire with their troubled past, possibly also caused by past conflicts. I don’t see this changing too soon.

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