Joey Jordison: Slipknot founding drummer dies aged 46

BBC News - Joey Jordison: Slipknot founding drummer dies aged 46

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Supposedly the real reason he was booted from Slipknot was his continued drug use, even following what happened to Paul Grey.

Sad stuff. The core of the band were from a particularly damaged bit of Iowa where people either farm or drink/do drugs and pretty much all of the band did the later for all or most of their time in Slipknot up to something like Vol. 3.

Two things come to mind when I think of Joey:

Getting to see him do this live:

And the cover of their first proper album ‘MFKR’:

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Really sad to see another great musician go, he was a hell of a drummer. I like there Iowa album, as I grew up with it and a couple songs here and there afterwards but beyond that never got much into it. The backstory behind their “problematic past” with all the substance abuse was quite eye opening.

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Joey was a great drummer and his performances were always a treat to see.
I reviled Slipknot for years because of their teen fanbase, but then after hearing The Heretic Anthem on a particularly shitty day in Uni, I was hooked. Joey’s drumming in that track is particularly meaty.
Also, for a metal band at the time, they had an enjoyable lack of blast-beats (never been a fan of them).

Slipknot had plenty of controversy and internal struggles (drugs, alcohol abuse, general shitty conduct, actual shit flinging) and Joey’s departure was wrapped in a bunch of stuff. Things from drug abuse to potential MS diagnosis, all manner of things were suggested. Doesn’t matter though.

Joey was a pillar of the band and thankfully the new drummer is pretty damn good, but Joey paved the way and his utter obliteration of the drums will always be amazing to listen to.

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