Just a quick hello


Alreet Minty if this is your first visit to the new forum then you would have had to create a new account anyhoo. Welcome home :slight_smile:


PANTS!!! how you doing dude?


I be reet, buddy! Had some hard times, but sorted now :slight_smile:
Hows thou?


Sorry to hear that buddy! to be totally honest I’ve been in the same boat. I am however still going strong and just trying to reconnect with you great people!


Hey Minty - long time no see. Hope you are well mate :slight_smile:

I’ll add you to the Black Scorpion group… because, you know, you can never leave :wink:


Welcome back home minty :slight_smile:


Soo before i start yet another post is there a fallout 76 post anywhere? I’ve seen a BF5 one! :slight_smile:


Bethesda teasing a new Fallout game/release i guess?


Yep, quite possibly :slight_smile:


Ahh minty wellcome back.



I got a weird notification from this post…anyone else? A notifcation with a link icon.

Am drunk, could be reasonable explanation am not seeing.


We all still twats, so can be relied for leaning on, if required :slight_smile:


Just read both the posts, understand now. Was drunk. Didn’t get. Hello!

Edit: *Am drunk


:slight_smile: - ditto bud all good


Welcome back Minty! :smiley:

I’ve moved your post to the “Saying hello!” category :blush:


Welcome back Minty :slight_smile:


Welcome back Minty! get yourself on Discord - this where online chatter now happens!


Need an invite or a link - anyone able to private message me the details?




Cheers Mic - I sorted him out last night :slight_smile:

oo-er. :stuck_out_tongue: