Just replaced my AIO water cooler with an air block on my CPU

and as expected, I have modest CPU heat increase - although I am running my 2600K @ 4.2Ghz over the 3.7Ghz stock. Maybe about a 10-20 degree increase.

But the overall case temps and specifically my GPU temps have shot down, even under gaming load. There is now a much greater airflow to the case itself - as no rad in the way and the extra internal fan to push air out.

AIO water isn’t always the best solution…

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Which fan did you get?

Just my old Cooler Master that I was running on my previous media centre… so nothing too special. Other case fans are all Noctua.

I will probably get a better PSU fan at some point.

It isn’t cheap and looks like it was broken off a fusion reactor, but I can heartily recommend the NH-D14 cooler if you decide you want a new one. Very good cooler!

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Ahh yes, the Noctua CPU coolers are amaziballs. I’ve invested in Noctua fans in everything else I have as I figure that they’ll transplant to any future systems as I need them.

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