Keith Flint of Prodigy found dead :(


Holy shit! Keith Flint has been found dead at his home. :frowning:

49 years old. God damn.

Rave on you fucking lunatic!



Fucking gutted. So many memories have Experience in the background in my mind. Music was of another level.

Keep on Raving Keith. RIP



Loved prodigy. Seen them live and they where smashing! RIP Keith

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Is a real dam shame. Blew my 1st subs in my car listening to them.

RIP Keith

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I too have many good memories when I hear cerain Prodigy tracks.

RIP Keith! Keep on raving in the afterlife!

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Liam has confirmed that he took his own life. Sad times :frowning:



Just jumped on to post this - Instagram post wasn’t it?

Sad times.

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Another music legend gone, too sad!



One of my best musical memories was at Download 2009 when Pendulum were playing. Naturally, they did their cover versions of some classic Prodigy, namely: Voodoo People.

40,000 metal-heads and rockers bouncing around in unison and pulling all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes. I just stood there in fucking awe at the scene. I’ve seen 50,000 strong mosh-pits (same year and venue, Slipknot) and they were only slightly more fun to witness.

Fucking awesome tune. Music for the Jilted Generation, Fat of the Land, Always Outnumbered, Invaders Must Die, fucking ace stuff.

Keith started off as a dancer for them (which I didn’t know) and only started vocals on Fat of the Land.



sad news.

Cannae add much more, Love the Prodigy, latest album is good stuff if a little short. Seen em live and still an active playlist on my phone.

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A sad day RIP Keith!

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Thats a damn shame - he’ll be missed

EDIT: Two faves

EDIT EDIT: Make that three… (for now)