King of Salt reporting in

I guess a small group might still remember me , but i’m Oscar and once met a great bunch of guys playing medal of honor AA going under the name of .|Br|. (Blackrats) … and stuck with those guys for a pretty while up to Bf2 where we coused havoc under the Ziip banner.

Meanwhile i got married, have a second kid commin up due 1st january, still living in the same region in the Netherlands and am planning to take over a business ( a B&B with 30 beds) together with my wife. So yeah,time consuming life, but a good one… just missing the good old times playing online together with like minded friends.

Now Bf V is comming up, bought a gaming laptop for it( as the ps4 is shite with firstperson shooters, and getting into the swing of things again with Bf4, and have no clue whatsoever if anyone is going to play that.

So, hi Slags!


Who are you again? I seem to remember someone called mayo giving me “the talk” before joining ZiiP!

Welcome back you big slag!

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Ah, my recruiter has returned to the fold! :smiley:

Welcome back Mayo! :smiley:

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Welcome back Mayoman!

Congrats on becoming a dad for a 2nd time!

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MAYOMAN! Like we’d forget who you are! King of the Salt!

Ironically, I was telling the story to my mum about how she found salt in the house and wondered where it came from literally only the other day!

Congrats on 2nd mini-mayo on the way and good luck with the business plans! We’ll be booking a room when you have it up and running!

Great to have you around. I’ll update your permissions. :slight_smile:


Bloody hell Mayo, I still remember having my ZiiP joining interview with you many moons ago.

Good to see you back bud :slight_smile:

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Hehe so funny , completely forgot i did ‘the talk’ with new recruits, but hey, looks like i only díd let the good ones in!

Very nice to see so many familliar faces allready!

So how does it work nowerdays, still have a server up and running, or a teamspeak server?

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We’ve got no game servers at the moment as no games require one.

We are using Discord now instead of Teamspeak. Install it and I’ll invite you to the group :slight_smile:

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Fantastic, and thanks for the upgrade

sent you a PM too matey


Translation:- O hai Os :smiley:

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Oh hi Mayo :slight_smile:

Pretty sure I have been around at some point when you have been playing shooty with ZiiP!

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Welcome back Mayo. Remember…you never leave.

I think everything is kind of where you left it

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St00kz = Stuka from back in the days?


Yes my good man :wink:

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So i added some people on steam to see whats everyone playing these … but i guess Arma 3 is populair? Also Warthunder? Arma 3 still costs 30 euro’s here,for a old game like that is, it must be quality then :wink:

I stopped playing eve online btw, it was awesome but so time consuming.


Myself and SpoonLamp and n0tch were playing EVE for a little while. Fun, but like you say, time consuming!

Might revisit it from time to time when there are expansions, just so I can get the freebies :smiley:

War Thunder is a free-to-play, but very grind-heavy 3rd person Tank/Plane/Heli/Boat team shooter. Extremely detailed damage model, but good fun.

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Yeah im on War thunder, only using the planes tho…

Regarding eve online, i left with my all militarycharacter at 130 mil sp and all kinds of carriers/dreads still in hangar :frowning:

I’m on a gaming sabbatical at the moment. Deleted everything off my PC about 2 days ago.

Will come back when certain things are done.