Laptop hard drive issues HELP!

Just turned on mother’s laptop for the first time this year to use…

Hard drive is at 100% and won’t stop… Yet usage is minimal… It’s also been stuck on that process for about 10 mins…

Acer Aspire E-15 E5-571-34TN

Updates by the looks of things. Windows 10?

Disk cleanups can take a while. My advice is just leave it to do it’s thing.

A fair % of things not working out well can come down to impatience by the user.


Well the main issue was the 100% hard drive with nothing really using much % usage in task manager. Windows 10 indeed… But seems Hammy was correct, updates are available… But can’t say I’ve ever seen a hard drive behave like this as all lol

There is a disk cleanup occurring so that is what will be setting the disk to 100%. As the cleanup is looking at dump files, of which there might be 1000s of tiny files, your MB/s throughput will be low but your seeks could be high hence the 100%. If you looked at a more detailed analysis such as the resource monitor it may give a more insightful reading than task manager.

Oh it was at 100% after boot and 10 mins later and 5 mins after clean up.

What is Windows Modules Installer Worker?

As these updates aren’t going anywhere, still 2% with zero Network activity.

Just let it run mate. It will take a while. Seen it loads in work and my laptop at home that I don’t use that much

Roger Dodger, will plug in and leave to the side.

If it is an update it will do an image of the previous one so disk at 100% is not surpricing. If you want it to run faster just replace the hdd with and ssd and off she goes.

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Ah. Probably why I haven’t seen it. Haven’t been on HDD for donks for OS so never seen it.

Well the Win 10 April major update has finally installed, now there’s more to go hopefully after all these are done all will be okay.