Las Vegas Gunrange Super-cut!

Oh yeah! After spending waaaaay too much money, here is a super cut from my two trips to Battlefield Vegas during my trip :slight_smile:

Weapon list: MP5-K, P90, M1 Garand, M-14 Scout, Galil (closest they had to the Finnish RK-62, which the Galil is based on), VEPR-12 (shotgun), SCAR-H, Desert Eagle, Finnish L-39 Lahti (chambered in 12.7, aka 50 cal, instead of the original 20mm), Barret M107 .50 cal (still sporting a bruise from it) and then of course… the M134 Minigun :slight_smile:

Super fun was had! :smiley:


That is insane! Looks like you had a hell of a time!

Not jealous AT ALL… :stuck_out_tongue:

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They look epic! – and all pretty heavy… especially that SCAR H.

Like a kid in a sweet shop. A very very expensive sweet shop.

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An incredibly expensive sweet shop. Would buy again :smiley:


i mean the mini gun was cool and all but you fired a PEENINETEEEEEEEE!


Aww, Wanted a M1 Garand “pa-teeng”

Looks amazing man. Hows your shoulder?

I had wished that Ollie would have recorded a full clip being fired from the Garand, but I can assure you, it did make the PING!

MP5-K was obviously the easiest to shoot since it’s only a 9mm, but it was very nice to shoot (they all were) and got a nice solid grouping with it too.

The P90 was cool as fuck, especially since it runs on a two-step trigger (short trigger pull for single shot, long trigger pull for auto).

The Garand wasn’t as bad as I expected and it was quite accurate and controllable.

The M-14 kicked like a motherfucker, especially on full-auto. In the clip where I fire it on full, you can just see one of the rounds ricochet off the ceiling :smiley:

The Galil was a walk in the park since I’m used to the platform. Just wanted to shoot that since I missed my old RK-62 so much :slight_smile:

The VEPR is just nuts. So much muzzle climb, but it’s in the same pattern as an AK.

The SCAR was one of the stand-outs for me. Lovely weapon to handle and the recoil is very controllable. Would love to have one.

The DEAGLE was cool and surprisingly easy to handle, but I wouldn’t want to snap-fire the thing. I caught 3 out of the 5 shell casings with my face!

The L-39 was slightly underwhelming since it was only chambered in 12.7 instead of 20mm and the gun is so heavy that it barely moved. Flick your finger into your shoulder, that’s about as much recoil as I felt firing it.

The Barret… what can I say. The back-blast, recoil (especially when it wasn’t locked into the stand properly), and feel of that were immense. Would love to shoot it long-range!

Aaaaand then there was the minigun. 300 rounds. 5.2 seconds. The pressure wave that hits you and keeps on coming when you fire that thing is incredible. It felt like the air was being pushed out of my lungs! The mounting was really stiff, so I couldn’t move it to correct the point of impact (all hit lower-right of the target), but I guess that’s a precaution with some of the fuck-nuts that go in there. I am so glad that I went for the 300 rounds instead of just 100.

$1,500 is what it all cost me. Was it worth it? Debatable in some respects. Was it fucking awesome? FUCK YEAH!



These are the results of the MP5-K (centre-mass), Galil and M-14. I put 24 rounds through the targets head with the Garand after this photo was taken.


Pics or it didn’t happen…

Plus, as WD isn’t here, That still frame of the vid on the thread is showing that you are rocking some guns yourself, young man :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

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I brought the targets home, so I’ll pics up tomorrow!

Okay, I replied before watching that. Fuck dude, that was awesome.

Also saw the skyjump as it cued up after :smiley:

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I giggled like a school girl all the way through that holy hell

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Mate that was soooooo fecking cool. Well jealous :slight_smile:

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@Hammy - Watching that video of Caolan… all the still images between guns, reminded me of the operator character shots in Rainbow 6. Especially the Deagel…

When is the crazy Finnish/Irish DLC due to be released? Special ability… can throw axe across room?


@Jester I can feel you photoshop skills coming into play here! :wink:


@Reno, the P90 was epic! It’s made me want the custom stock for my Ruger 10/22 even more now. Would be difficult as fuck to get my hands on it though :confused:

That video pleases me.

That was amazingly awesome