Latest Origin Update

Just clicked Origin to check for any updates, it did an install and once loaded back in, it failed to recognise any of my games were installed.

Version - 0 (installed)

found a fix

  • Go into the game directory

  • There is a “__Installer” directory, go inside

  • you must see a “Touchup.exe” executable

  • Open “InstallLog.txt”

  • Search for the line looking like this:

    “CommandLine: install -locale en_US -installPath “#Game Directory#” -autologging -startmenuIcon=1 -desktopIcon=1”

  • copy the line from the “install” word to the end

  • Open a command line in the directory “__Installer”

  • Launch Touchup.exe with the install parameters

    “Touchup.exe install -locale en_US -installPath “#Game Directory#” -autologging -startmenuIcon=1 -desktopIcon=1”

  • Type enter, a desktop icon must appear.

  • Launch the game, Origin will show a notifications asking to update the game. Click ok.

  • That’s it!

This fixed BF4 and Titanfall 2 but crapped all over BF1 - I have no choice now but to re-install the lot

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