Launcher Launcher

Seen it posted and herd said a few times on TS and discord about having to get all the Launchers sorted and what game is were. Just seen this Vid and it’s got some good stuff.

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bumpy bump

New ( in beta ) version of Galaxy ( good old games) doing alot of good stuff i see.


Yeah, saw this. Could be interesting considering I like to only have the Recycle Bin on my desktop. Fucking hate icons getting in the way of my 917 flat 12 image. :wink:


Btw, I use Lightshot to take screen grabs. By far the best and most versatile tool out there for this kind of stuff. Super easy annotation makes for great user guide production. Can be bound to the print screen button, but that sometimes doesn’t bind properly.

Great tool.

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Im the same @n0tch no Icons here either

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im now in the beta for Galaxy 2.0 and it’s awesome just what i wanted from this kinda thing!