LOGIN in the next 2 weeks - Warframe Anniversary

Hello fellow Tennos,

sorry for making a new thread but I wanted everyone to see it!

Get your ass into gear and LOGIN, even if you are not overly thrilled to do so. The yearly anniversary of Warframe is here and with it you get the new DEX ECALIBUR SKIN, and it looks fucking bad ass!

Beside the skin you can gather the whole DEX set in alerts, including the fantastic Dex Sybaris (primary), the Dex Furis (secondary) and Dex Dakra (melee) and the Dex Nouchali Syandana.

(personally I would try to get the Sybaris first, almost as good as the Prime version, still a beast of a weapons).

So just login until March 28 (2 p.m.) to get it and look absolutely fabulous!



If you want more informations: