Looking at laptops

i ordered some ram to improve my babas laptop its abit slow
ram came turns out am a idiot it cant be upgraded so looking at a new one
she can keep the current one for when she needs it for school an this one for gaming

was looking at 1k and thinking i need a couple to choose from then i found this

it seems everything she could ever need i also could throw a ssd 1tb drive in to boot
but then i was thinking im a compulsive idiot so decided i would create a post to see if you guys an gals thought this would be alright she loves gaming but her current laptop is more schoolwork orientated its gonnna be a birthday/xmas present would this be able to play games an not have her moaning about load times an textures etc?

Depending what she’s playing, that should horse through almost anything since it’s a 1080p screen.

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Fekin sims4 an minecraft :joy: theirs loads of other games she loves like zoo tycoon etc but her current one could barely power a grape I have to smush all the settings to low and its just yucky she wants racing games etc but her lappy can’t handle it I,ll order it otherwise I,ll forget I even thought about it or made this thread if I don’t :joy:

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