Loot Crate files for bankruptcy

I was tempted to try it out myself after watching all of those Ashens videos but never did.

Sucks for those layed off, apparently bills and wages can’t be paid either.

I think that a lot of these subscription services are going to be heading the same way.

When it first came about, back when the gamestore was live, I could see it as someone taking advantage of some companies vast obsessions in making “merchandise” - even when there wasn’t demand for it. Namco and Ubisoft are very guilty of that.

But in reality, these services are gimmicks. Luxury items - which sadly, if people hit harder times, are the first things they unsubscribe from.

Getting funding of £21million is just disgusting. Could probably operate better as a small niche business - but everyone (as in investors) just want to be part of the “next big thing” (and that was subscription services).

When the bubble bursts, it all goes to shit. The investors just write their loss off against tax and 50 good people lose their jobs.

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