Lord of the Rings to get TV adaptation


Looks like Amazon have given the go a head for this. Will be set just before the The Fellowship Of The Ring. Could be interesting. LOTR trilogy is some of my favourite movies of all time.


I was about to post about this… but from a different angle.

I guess this is why new IP - in all markets, including gaming - is so rare. People buy what they recognise (even if its it over-saturated or shit… I’m looking at you, Call of Duty)


Thats a good point but there hasn’t been a LOTR tv show/movie for over 14 years. But I do agree with your post, alot of what is going on in the movie world and more so the gaming world is risen and repeat. Hard to have something original now. More so in movies as its all now just “remakes”


Two seasons of Bilbo - the Lord of the Ring - getting plastered and eating cheese, then?


I’ll consider it so long as they fucking steer clear of that Muppet Tom Bombadil.

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Last of the summer wine but with hobbits? IM IN!

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I would watch The Muppets’ Lord of the Rings.

there’ll be a fantasy shaped hole once GoT is over; this could fill that if they handled it right.