macOS Big Sur Update Bricking Some Older MacBook Pro Models

Not mac, don’t know how relevant this is to the Mac people here, just thought I’d share on the off-chance it could cause one of you problems.


doesn’t surprise me that they would do that with an update. Used to do senior tech support for them and happened so often the new update would just break older machines that were able to handle it accounting to the specs, but just ended update fucking them up.

Just happened to be the machines that were near the end of supported life as well.

Never mind that they are tracking what application you are opening, when, from what machine, your IP details when you did that and sending it unencrypted to a third party.

I believe that every system made by every vendor is doing similar to some extent or another. Personally, I’m kinda beyond caring - I mean, does it really matter?

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Well the problem with this one is that there is no way to turn it off or block it.

That’s incorrect @BlackRaven.




fixes it in about 2 seconds flat.

Also, Apple themselves have already announced they’ll be adding the option for people to disable it themselves with a checkbox in the next security release.

In regards to @vredesbyrd’s thing - only an idiot puts the latest and greatest on their machine on day 1. The other problem is that the fault that most of these users are claiming is bricking the machine, is a known hardware fault with that particular generations power regulation chips. The same fault which killed my 2013 Macbook Pro when upgrading to Catalina. It’s a ticking time bomb on models of that age.