Marvels Avengers game

Right, anyone getting this and if so on what system? Definitely a game I would like to play with some of you slags. So need to know what to get it on and if i need to get the consoles back online.


I’m about 90% certain I’ll get it later in the year for PS(5)

Open beta 21st -23rd August. Pre order betas before that

PS4 Preorder Beta this weekend

PS4 Only Open Beta next weekend


I wanna see how it plays on PC vs PS4, so roll on open beta :slight_smile: (also soooo gunna be iron man)

well managed to get hold of a key for PS4, so been on it a bit… so far im enjoying it!

Combat feels good, some characters are a bit clunky but that could be polished out?! The opening ADay part, so bits were really fun and some meh… but the mechanics and ideas… it defiantly has promise! (and dont look too bad either, cant wait to see what its like on the PC)

I can see this being pretty dam fun, least from my point of view! I know some initial reviews have been a bit iffy… but Anthem got slated but I seriously enjoyed it, hell I still play it now!

Im no reviewer, and if I was Id be a shit one :stuck_out_tongue: but for me, this is a defo gunna buy game!! I love being Iron man, my god its fun (also Hulk go smashy smashy)


I’m having a blast, playing as Iron Man has been the worst for me so far. But totally waiting till PS5 out to pick it up for fear my PS4 Pro will blow up before I can trade it in haha.

Aftersome more playing, yea Iron Man seems really clunky in close quarters, and long range feels less punchy than from the opening and training room… hmmmmm

Another SSD recommended, also there’s an optional 30GB high res texture pack.

First of all, the PC version offers an optional 30GB high-resolution texture pack, bringing the richest, highest-detailed visuals throughout the game world. Forests will feel lusher, the tundra more frigid, and AIM facilities all the more sinister to really bring the experience to life. Additionally, there will be support for ultra-wide resolutions as well as multi-monitor configurations so Marvel’s Avengers will look good no matter your set up.

In order to give you the smoothest experience we can that fits your particular gaming comforts, there will be fully unlocked framerate to support extremely responsive 144hz gameplay on capable systems.

I have a code for this weekend, any platform from Virgin media if anyone wants it ?

Tempted but don’t know if I have the time

Well for those that plan to check out on Xbox or PC as its open on PS4 this weekend