Mashinky <-it should be obvious from this name

…that this is a train building/strategy game from a man named Jan. Popped up on steam for me, looks kinda cool.

“Mashinky is a transport strategy game about trains. The goal is to create your own transport empire on a procedurally generated map. It’s a unique blend of realistic graphics combined with an isometric construction mode and board game-like rules.” - Some steam blurb, 2017


Does look pretty cool. At first, I was like “oo it’s like railroad tycoon… actually looks a bit dated now” - until it went into 3D mode… That’s better!

It’s got a bit of a train-set feel about it though - the curves on some of those tracks would never occur IRL - It’s why train lines tend to go through things and not over or around them.

Still be interesting to see how it develops… but nice if it was Steam Workshop’d so that UK locomotives and stations could be added.

I used my clickbaitiest topic; 20 views, 1 post. nailed it.

yeah it’s very train set, but then i always felt rrtycoon and ttycoon were; it’s definitely more game than simulation, but i can work with that. debating if it’s worth the early access price when, as you say, workshop integration would take it much further. i guess the guy (appears to be a one man dev studio) wants to get what he’s making finished before modders pre-empt his planned features.